Finding the Good in Your Marriage

finding the good in your husband text

Recently I was read this amazing post about marriage.  It is the most profound post I've ever read on the topic. The writer mentioned that there's a noticeable sag in the middle of her bed resulting from how she and her husband lay coupled up together at night.  Here are her words… "Dear Husband…. so yeah, yeah—- our mattress sags in the middle." "You can see it, even when the sheets are ... [ Read More ]

Why It’s OK for Christian Moms to Keep-it-Real (and why Michelle Obama might not approve)

What Every Christian Mom Needs to Know

So…I’m really, really tired…and I’m supposed to stay up and blog away so I can put out posts with some degree of regularity…enough regularity to make readers come back on a regular basis. But I've one question… How do you do that when you’re so tired from all the mommy hats your wear all day? Today’s post is not about 20 Ways to Have a Better (fill in the blank), or 10 Fool Proof Marriage ... [ Read More ]

7 Helpful Ways to Improve Your Marriage and Family


We all want to be have a happy and thriving home; and while family life is complex and there are no short cuts or quick fixes to improving upon it, the following practices have been instrumental in helping to invigorate my own marriage and family's life.   Some of the ideas involved are critical and involve physical action (like #1), others require mental and/or emotional action and are ... [ Read More ]

How to Survive Long Distance Travel with Your Spouse

seat belt for back seat drivers

Answer: Think duct tape and a blindfold!  No, this is not 50 Shades of Grey.  This is for long distance road travel with your spouse: use tape for the mouth and a blindfold for the eyes! OK, that wasn't nice.  Please forgive me for being naughty, but over the past week I've spent over 20 hours traveling in the car with Prince Charming (my hubby), and at times it was no fairy tale ... [ Read More ]

Bucket List Adventures!

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I have a really simple bucket list. It includes things like having a moment  in the lavatory without one of my kids banging on the door saying, "Mommy! Autumn ripped off my doll's head!"  Or things like sleeping through the night without my mommy bladder waking me up to go tinkle.  You know...stuff like that. But yesterday, I got to experience a true bucket list item - not one related to my ... [ Read More ]

A Tale of Two Families at the Ripley’s Aquarium

Angel and Scott

After arriving in Toronto, Canada late Saturday night, Sunday was our fist full day of adventure! Ashley was busy at work preparing breakfast for us all and Angel and I jumped in the kitchen to help give her a hand. I love being in Ashley's kitchen.  Looking in all of her cabinets and seeing her unique style and tastes, and how my own home has influenced her choices. At one point, we both ... [ Read More ]

Canada or Bust!


My Family is in Canada and we are having a blast! We are visiting my daughter Ashley and her husband JR.  They are still virtually newly weds and tomorrow marks their 2 year anniversary (they were married on St. Patty's Day!).  Here's a quick shot of them both... That's a shot of them at the Ripley's Aquarium in Toronto, Canada...but I'm getting ahead of myself. Back to our fairly ... [ Read More ]

Why Do Shows Like Downton Abbey and Scandal Appeal to Christians?

Downton Abbey.jpg

I was recently looking for a new TV show to add to my current watch-list.  My current viewing list consists of a few shows from the Food Network and MSNBC’s Shark Tank, with an occasional episode of The Dog Whisperer thrown in here and there to appease my husband. So, I got super excited when I thought that it could possibly be Downton Abbey.  I held off seriously considering this show for over ... [ Read More ]

Hump Day Humor – How Funny is Plaid on Plaid?


Hi Friends! I couldn't come up with anything that I thought was laugh-out-loud funny this week so.... I decided to share this picture of my dad wearing plaid on plaid. (My dad is such a cute guy.  Not too many people can pull that off - but my he's is working it!) That's funny, right?  Or, it’s at least mildly amusing...right? Okay...No belly laughs there.  :-( Well, if you can't ... [ Read More ]

Angel’s Home for Spring Break!


Someone's back home for spring break and we couldn't be happier! We're having a great time getting all caught up.  The girls are having sleepovers in the living room and we're all spending lots of leisure time around the kitchen table hearing her campus life stories.  (Yes, this has slowed down our school schedule, but it's an unavoidable and beautiful part of life - and one of the benefits of ... [ Read More ]