Pride & Prejudice, Makeup Confusion and Some Great You’ve Got Mail Movie Clips


Hi Friends! I haven’t spoken to you in, like, forever.  Let’s catch-up! Blogging Break After posting like a nut during the week of Mother’s Day Mania, I checked out of cyberspace for a much needed blogging break. And though I may have taken a blogging sabbatical, my days have been filled to the brim with extracurricular activities and field trips with our homeschool group.   Me and my girls ... [ Read More ]

My Fondest Mother’s Memory {w/Video}


Hi Friends! After sharing about my worst Mother’s Day ever, I promised to share my best Mother’s Day ever, too.  But, I’m thinking that my best Mother’s Day is probably not very different from anyone else’s – it’s filled with breakfast in bed, balloons, gifts, yada, yada, yada - you get the point.  I’d much rather share my fondest Mother’s day memory.  That will be unique! So, here goes. . ... [ Read More ]

When Mother’s Day Is the Worst Day of the Year {& Giveaway Winner Announced!}

When Mother's Day is the Worst Day of the Year

Today, I'm super pleased to welcome Melanie Dale to the community of Welcome Home and to my Little House blog. In honor of Mother's Day, Melanie wrote a post about women who experience this very celebrated holiday differently - because of infertility.  I've wanted to write about this topic for some time now and I've felt completely afraid and inadequate.  I feared I'd write something stupid ... [ Read More ]

This is Shadell – She is my Bestie


This is Shadell.  She is my Bestie. She has always been by my side.   She's my girl, my pearl, my mental health pill.  Yes, she's all that and a bag of chips! We met in college at the Christian Club.  She helped me pass health class!  Soon after that we both ended up attending the same church. We both were single moms and had daughters who were close in age.  Our daughters became lifelong ... [ Read More ]

Mother’s Day Meltdown! (My Worst Mother’s Day Ever)

mother's day meltsdown

I sort of have a history of having emotional meltdowns on Mother’s Day.  Not every Mother’s Day, and thankfully, none in my recent past, but I've had my fair share, nonetheless. I believe it all started with me having the expectation of, um, getting something; you know – something as in a gift from one of my MANY children.  (Note: if you expect to get anything material – anything other than ... [ Read More ]

Announcing Mother’s Day Mania! {& Giveaway}

Mother's Day Mania (pink) Logo

Welcome to Mother's Day Mania: a week long celebration of Motherhood and Friendship! This week I'll be posting my best and my worst Mother's Day ever, my highest and lowest points as a mom (I promise not to depress you), and I'll have a special post on friendship! Starting today on Welcome Home's Facebook page I'm posting my favorite "Mommy throwback" pics and lots of other good stuff (so ... [ Read More ]

Leap of Faith: What if Following Your Husband Meant Losing Everything?


Recently, I went to see Woman in Gold,  a movie about an elderly Jewish woman who returns to Vienna six decades after WWII in order to reclaim family belongings that were once seized by the Nazis.  It was really good.  Go see it or rent it! As with much of what I watch, I saw a character struggle with an issue that most - if not all wives - wrestle with at some point in their marriage: the ... [ Read More ]

My Boy’s Gone, Again (& Learning How to Let Go)


CAUTION: BROODING MOM ALERT Two weeks ago I looked like this... This week, I'm curled up in a fetal position, bawling, clothed in sackcloth and ashes. Will you grab your Kleenex and join me in having a teenie-weenie pity party?  (If you do, I'll share my chocolate milkshake with you!) My Marine pulled off today to head back to his military base; and these lyrics by Michael Jackson ‘bout ... [ Read More ]

The Church – A Place to Belong!

The Church - A Place to Belong

The Church is God’s design... a place of encouragement, accountability, spiritual training and relationship building for families. One of the things I love most about being a Christian is going to church every Sunday and worshiping with other believers. I was once told I was a “Bapticostal” because I have both a Baptist and a Pentecostal denominational background.  What’s interesting is ... [ Read More ]

Spineless Downton Abbey & Scandal Retraction

Downton Abbey Retraction

Ah...Um...{Is this thing on?}...I have something I need to get off of my chest... A few weeks ago I wrote this post in which I questioned why Christians watch certain TV shows and movies. Well, I'm retracting those sentiments!  (Or at least some of them.) No, no one has mentioned anything negative to me about it, it's just that I have never posted anything that has left me feeling ... [ Read More ]

Now that I’m a Christian: Six Steps to Joy for New Believers

steps to joy - text

{This post is a follow-up to “You Must Be Born Again: Why we desperately need Jesus Christ” in which the need for salvation through Jesus Christ is explained.} Congratulations on receiving Jesus Christ as your Savior! If you’re wondering “Now what?” as a new believer…please keep reading! (For help on how to look up Bible verses, click here.) When you were born again, you inherited eternal ... [ Read More ]