A homeschool update, the pain of bedtime read-alouds and my summer garden.


It's been quiet around here lately, around this part of the blog sphere. Quiet means that homeschooling is taking place...as well as birthdays, and family dinners, and all the other routine happenings that accompany going back to school. I've been schooling the girls since the day after Labor Day - since Tuesday, September 8th - with out interruption (excluding our "welcome back to school ... [ Read More ]

Video – Learn How You Can Know God {God’s Exchange for You}

From the Exchage Video

God's Great Exchange for You! Hey Friends! I thought this video would be a great addition to Welcome Home's Salvation page.  Enjoy it in your quiet time, or even after church with the family? This video is a simple explanation of Who God is and how you can have a relationship with Him. You will learn why God's exchange for you was necessary, what the exchange is and what it accomplished.  This ... [ Read More ]

Our First Week of Homeschool {With a School Room Tour!}

Autumn and Lexy Back to School

Hey Friends! Last week was the official start of our 2015 - 2016 school year!  Autumn is officially in Jr. high: 6th grade (Seriously?  How did that happen?), and Alexis began grade 3.  Where has the time gone? We started the day after Labor Day.  I had to be flexible with our start time since it was the same day my son and his friends left to head back to their military base at Camp ... [ Read More ]

A House Full of Family and Friends and Loving It!


I'm the happiest woman in the world right now! My boy, Josiah, came home for Labor Day weekend with four of his Marine friends.  My house is full of friends and family and this mom couldn't be happier!   They arrived on Saturday morning.  I was warned that they would eat me out of house and home, but I told myself that I was up to the challenge!  (Oh yeah, Baby . . .Bring it ... [ Read More ]

What I’ve Learned In My Five Years of Blogging

blogging anniversary

I turned 45 this past Friday. Woo Hoo! And since I basically launched my blog on my birthday back in 2010 (you can click here and scroll down to read all the amazing comments), it got me to thinking about my blogging experience over the past 5 years. So, here's what I've learned about blogging... 1. The internet is like a news paper on steroids.  The principle reason I started this blog was ... [ Read More ]

Going Home


This past weekend I traveled home. I traveled to a familiar and beloved place of my childhood. There are many ways a person can “go home.”  I’ve heard the phrase “going home” my entire life.  I first heard it during my childhood – every time my father would pack up the family for a nine hour road trip to head back to where it all began for him… to where he grew up - back to Pinetops, ... [ Read More ]

Marriage Challenge Update – Day 6: Respect {UGH!!!!!}

31 Day Challenge 6 Day Update

As some of you may know, about 5 1/2 weeks ago I launched into a 31 day marriage challenge.  And in typical "I read on mommy time" fashion, today, I just read day 6.  That's right, it's taken me over 30 days to to get to day 6, but I keep encouraging myself by saying that the race is not for the swift, but for he that endures to the end (or who almost dies trying). I usually tack the daily ... [ Read More ]

The Simple Act of Gratitude – Guest Post


How excited I am to welcome Onesia Fuentes to the front porch of my Little House on the Freeway to share what is Welcome Home Ministry's very first guest post!  (Hooray!)  May your heart be blessed by her offering. and now, Onesia's post. . . If the only prayer you said in your entire life was Thank you, that would be suffice. -  Meister Eckhart  When praying, for me it always begins ... [ Read More ]

Love Saturday mornings! The quiet. The coffee. The Food Network!


This is the first Saturday in a while that I've awakened in my home to simply do NOTHING but relax, and it feels amazing! Even in the summer when school in not in session it seems that there's a list of things to get done each day.  I'm not sure why that is.  It just seems as if "progress" is supposed to be made on weekdays...so I find some progress to make - like there would be any shortage of ... [ Read More ]

The Craziest Thing that Happened on Vacation (and Other News!)

Going my way?

Another vacation post!  Am I crazy?! No...this is not merely a vacation post.  I have several other very interesting things to share with you! Yesterday was a pretty amazing day!  My kids participated in an annual track and field event which is sponsored by our City Parks Department. The kids train for this all summer, twice a week, and it culminates in a big fancy schmancy professional ... [ Read More ]

State Hopping Day 5: The Bahamas

Coconut Collage

Happy Monday! This morning we checked out of our hotel in Washington, DC and headed home! It's been a blast, state hopping from one place to another while traveling by car to and from Florida, but I'm definitely ready to head home and sleep in my own bed.  (Sleeping in 5 hotels, one resort and a on cruise ship within 7 days tends to do that to a person!)  The upside: I haven't cooked one meal ... [ Read More ]