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Snowman Welcome

Hey There! The Christmas season is in full swing and many among us have been busy decking the halls with boughs of holly, dressing trees and stringing lights; and I'm no exception. My heart has been singing as I've been stringing.  That's because I absolutely adore seasonal decorating! Almost every holiday offers a reason for me to do a ... [ Read More ]

Summer Break, Baby!


Our homeschool year came to an end two weeks ago, and since that time I've been on a blogging-break to enjoy summer with my kiddo's. I've been enjoying days of extreme leisure and loafing . . . ~ watching cable news, ~ having extended quiet times (how refreshing!  I can't believe that this will end once school commences), ~ and enjoying ... [ Read More ]

Momma: Please put down your phone!

Momma please put down your cell phone

Dear Momma . . . ♥  Do you check your phone every time you have a spare moment? ♥  Is your participation in your child’s events waning because of your need to capture the perfect picture? ♥  Are you guilty of missing a moment because you are trying to share it on social media? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, chances are that ... [ Read More ]

It Really Is a Good Life

It really is a good life

I decided to wear a suit. I figured I'd give my everyday soccer pants and favorite hoodie (a.k.a. my mommy uniform) a break - just for a day. I hadn't donned a suit in four years, not since I left my 9-5 to be a stay-at-home mom (for like the third time), but today it just felt right. I wanted to make a good impression on my new doctor.  I ... [ Read More ]

A Rainbow of Reflection on Motherhood

A Reflection of Motherhood

Mother's Day is quickly approaching; and in honor of the big day I wanted to write something expressly for the heart of Moms, you know - because it's trendy and mom's dig that kind of stuff.  So I prayed that the Lord would give me just the right words to share if He so desired. "Hey, I'm a mom blogger," I reasoned.  "I can do this." Well, I got ... [ Read More ]

Gynecological Adventures {Part 2}

link up part 2 GYN Adventures

Oh my gosh!  I thought I could pull this off - describing what I thought was a comical visit with my GYN, but I'm starting to get a really bad case of the nerves.  I mean, we ladies do this every year but NO ONE is talking about it.  Well, I did say that I'd take one for the team, so for better or worse . . . here's Part 2.   Psst: If you've ... [ Read More ]

The Best Weekend Entertainment Guide {4/22}


Hey Friends, It's Friday! If you're looking for something to watch, read or see this weekend (and to make you laugh), here are some awesome links to get you ready for your weekend. first up . . . Best Family Movie in Theaters The Jungle Book . . .  The Jungle Book [PG ‧ Fantasy/Drama film ‧ 1h 51m.]  My family took a much needed ... [ Read More ]

Gynecological Adventures {Part 1}

link up - GYN Adventures Part 1

If you're a woman, then you already know about the joy of taking your annual gynecological exam. (Yippie!) And no matter how much you dread it, this is one date that you can't break!  One of my past visits was just down-right comical.  (Tell me this kind-of stuff doesn't happen to you?) It happened years ago, but I'm bringing it back because some ... [ Read More ]

100 Happy Days Goes “Behind the Link” w/Welcome Home Ministry

Family Pyramid

Hey Friends! Welcome Home Ministry received the distinction of being chosen for the 100 Happy Days "Behind the Link" feature.  Woo-Hoo! ji If you've never heard of 100 Happy Days, it's a link-up that graciously provides a platform for bloggers to share their posts every Thursday. It's hosted by four beautiful ladies (also bloggers) who, each ... [ Read More ]

The Best Weekend Entertainment Guide {4/8/16} Awesome links to get you ready for your weekend!


Hey Friends, It's Friday! . . . and around here that can only mean one thing: it's time for Welcome Home Ministry's "Best of the Web" Weekend Entertainment Guide! If you're looking for something to watch, read or see this weekend (and make you laugh, too), I've got you covered! first up . . . Best Movie in Theaters  Risen . . .  Risen ... [ Read More ]

The Best Weekend Entertainment Guide {4/1/16} Awesome links to get you ready for your weekend!


Hey There, Happy Friday! I haven't posted anything in over a week.  I've been enjoying some R & R and catching up on some reading (around the internet!).  In that time I've come across some awesome articles and websites that are worth mentioning, most of which I've shared on Welcome Home Ministry's Facebook page, but if you haven't seen ... [ Read More ]

When You’re the Woman at the Well (+ Video)

we prefer to die with the truth in us

The truth can be a scary thing. Child: Mom – Truth or Dare? Mom: {Eating my turkey burger} Umm . . . truth? Child: Do you love Daddy? Mom: Yes.  {That was easy-peasy.} Mom: {Afterthought} Oh…is that how this game works – I have to tell a truth or take a dare? Child: Yeap! The whole premise behind the Truth or Dare game is that ... [ Read More ]