When You’re Lonely on Vacation (A mid-week vacation recap.)

family pic

Howdy Friends! This week, my family and I (me, hubby, Autumn and Alexis) are vacationing at the Word of Life Family Campground.  We are also here visiting with Angel, who is completing a mandatory service assignment as a Word of Life Bible Institute student. So, I am pretty much in heaven this week: being on vacation where my daughter works; and, as an added bonus, Ashley and Jay R - my ... [ Read More ]

Hair Foibles and Fantasies

Girls in the front garden

There's been a lot of glitz and glam going on in my home lately.  I've been coloring, highlighting, and trying new make-up. I'm not sure if it was sparked by the arrival of spring - a time of year when people usually spruce-up something or another: like either you deep clean your carpets, wash your curtains, power wash your bricks or clean out the garage. Or, in my case, none of the above. ... [ Read More ]

Goodbye School Year. Hello Summer!

Ladies #1

I'm finally closing out the school year.  Finally! Goodbye school year 2014-2015.  Goodbye 2nd and 5th grade.  I won't cry because you're gone.  (At least not now, but definitely when the kids are almost grown and leaving the house. Then I'll lament the past; but today, I'm throwing a party!) Hello Darling Summer!  **Smooches**  Hello summer track meets and lazy days at the neighborhood pool ... [ Read More ]

Father’s Day Blessings


Howdy Friends! I've been quiet for a while. Truth be told, I've been enjoying going to bed early in an effort to rise early (about 6:30ish) to protect my quiet time with the Lord.  I was really scrubbing in that department - the quiet time department - so, I'm trying to turn over a new leaf.  So far, mostly good!  (And my kids haven't complained about my constant keyboarding.) I've never been ... [ Read More ]

What Did We Ever Do Before These Kids Came Along?

makeup application

I’m just going to go ahead and put this out there: If you don’t have a teenage daughter (or possibly a teen son?) you’re probably making some vital make-up flaws that you’re unaware of. I mentioned the other day that I basically brought the entire make-up isle at Rite Aid because I wasn’t able to get a professional consultation due to how swamped most make-up counters were with little Darlings ... [ Read More ]

Hot, Bothered and Itching to End the School Year


I got an email recently from a blogger who said that it was her kid’s last day of school (woo hoo!), so we can expect to hear way less from her over the summer considering that she’ll be with her kids all day, every day, until the fall. As a homeschooling mom my life’s just the opposite - I’m with my kids all day, every day - so, for ten months of the year I struggle to find time to blog and ... [ Read More ]

Pride & Prejudice, Makeup Confusion and Some Great You’ve Got Mail Movie Clips

pride and prejudice

Hi Friends! I haven’t spoken to you in, like, forever.  Let’s catch-up! Blogging Break After posting like a nut during the week of Mother’s Day Mania, I checked out of cyberspace for a much needed blogging break. And though I may have taken a blogging sabbatical, my days have been filled to the brim with extracurricular activities and field trips with our homeschool group.   Me and my girls ... [ Read More ]

My Fondest Mother’s Memory {w/Video}


Hi Friends! After sharing about my worst Mother’s Day ever, I promised to share my best Mother’s Day ever, too.  But, I’m thinking that my best Mother’s Day is probably not very different from anyone else’s – it’s filled with breakfast in bed, balloons, gifts, yada, yada, yada - you get the point.  I’d much rather share my fondest Mother’s day memory.  That will be unique! So, here goes. . ... [ Read More ]

When Mother’s Day Is the Worst Day of the Year {& Giveaway Winner Announced!}

When Mother's Day is the Worst Day of the Year

Today, I'm super pleased to welcome Melanie Dale to the community of Welcome Home and to my Little House blog. In honor of Mother's Day, Melanie wrote a post about women who experience this very celebrated holiday differently - because of infertility.  I've wanted to write about this topic for some time now and I've felt completely afraid and inadequate.  I feared I'd write something stupid ... [ Read More ]

This is Shadell – She is my Bestie


This is Shadell.  She is my Bestie. She has always been by my side.   She's my girl, my pearl, my mental health pill.  Yes, she's all that and a bag of chips! We met in college at the Christian Club.  She helped me pass health class!  Soon after that we both ended up attending the same church. We both were single moms and had daughters who were close in age.  Our daughters became lifelong ... [ Read More ]

Mother’s Day Meltdown! (My Worst Mother’s Day Ever)

mother's day meltsdown

I sort of have a history of having emotional meltdowns on Mother’s Day.  Not every Mother’s Day, and thankfully, none in my recent past, but I've had my fair share, nonetheless. I believe it all started with me having the expectation of, um, getting something; you know – something as in a gift from one of my MANY children.  (Note: if you expect to get anything material – anything other than ... [ Read More ]