Giving Your Husband Love He *Doesn’t* Deserve

Giving your husband love he doesn't desereve

If you’ve ever wondered why you love your husband when you want to quit - keep reading. With all this talk about the 31 Days to a Happy Husband challenge, I recently received a question that I've been asked by wives time and time again: How do you love and serve someone who’s not loving and serving you back?   This is a question I can relate to, especially since I struggle with the very same ... [ Read More ]

Weekend Highlights

Autumn Joy

Happy Monday, Friends! Well, were almost halfway through our summer school break.  My kids won't begin their homeschool year until the beginning of September.  Interestingly, in other parts of the country, some families are starting school next week.  More power to them!  I can't help but feel that summer is going way too fast.  Is it just me? How was your weekend? I hope you had an amazing ... [ Read More ]

Contribute Articles for Welcome Home Ministry

Lady on Laptop_shutterstock_64128934[1]

We're looking for a few good women! Welcome Home Ministry exists to provide hope and encouragement to women in their faith and family life.  We are looking for creative writers to contribute articles that are uplifting, encouraging, or offer meaningful instruction on a weekly or monthly basis.  If you have a heart to encourage women, keep reading! The topics we are looking for include, but are ... [ Read More ]

The Men Are so Different

Autumn in Tree

Hey Moms... Is a trip to the park with the kids your: 1) solitaire time, 2) "mom’s moment out" time, or 3) quality time with the kids? I recently listened to a pastor give a sermon on parenting.  He gave several examples of good parenting that were relatable.  Then he said that when a parent takes a kid to the park, they should give their kids their undivided attention, and if another parent ... [ Read More ]

Marriage: Want More. Try Harder. JUST DO IT!

want more try harder

OK…This marriage challenge is really getting the better of me.  Uggh! I picked up this book with the intent to be a better wife; and as a result, I’m being confronted with my own selfishness and short comings – and it sort of stinks. I didn’t realize when I picked up this book that it was going to be MY challenge, or any challenge at all; that’s because I’m not always a dot connector.  It ... [ Read More ]

Why It’s OK to Live an Ordinary Life

Being Ordinary

Is being ordinary the new extraordinary? What do you think? I went to see my ophthalmologist today.  As I sat in the waiting room, I saw three brochures, one for each doctor in her practice.  Each brochure looked so professional and well done; I couldn’t help but pick them up to see what had been written about each doctor. To the right of a very professional and attractive picture was a ... [ Read More ]

31 Days to a Happy Husband Challenge

31 days to a happy husband

Yes, I've done it again! I've gone ahead and unsubscribed my husband from my website.  He's (was) one of my email subscribers so he gets posts the moment I press "publish." He's the one who sits in the other room and says to me a mere 30 seconds after I publish: "Hey Tiff, shouldn't that word be and instead of an?" "Hey Tiff, didn't you leave out a word in that sentence?" I unsubscribed him ... [ Read More ]

Best Face Forward Christianity {The Truth About This Website.}

Frame in Frame

Hi Friends! I hope your summer is off to a rip-roaring start!  Even if it's only off to a faint fizzle, there's still about six weeks of summer (school break) left to make up for it.  (It's all perspective...the glass is half-full...right?) I been working on a new page for this website titled The Truth About This Website.  I placed it right under the "Meet Tiffiney" page to give it great ... [ Read More ]

When You’re Lonely on Vacation (A mid-week vacation recap.)

family pic

Howdy Friends! This week, my family and I (me, hubby, Autumn and Alexis) are vacationing at the Word of Life Family Campground.  We are also here visiting with Angel, who is completing a mandatory service assignment as a Word of Life Bible Institute student. So, I am pretty much in heaven this week: being on vacation where my daughter works; and, as an added bonus, Ashley and Jay R - my ... [ Read More ]

Hair Foibles and Fantasies

Girls in the front garden

There's been a lot of glitz and glam going on in my home lately.  I've been coloring, highlighting, and trying new make-up. I'm not sure if it was sparked by the arrival of spring - a time of year when people usually spruce-up something or another: like either you deep clean your carpets, wash your curtains, power wash your bricks or clean out the garage. Or, in my case, none of the above. ... [ Read More ]

Goodbye School Year. Hello Summer!

Ladies #1

I'm finally closing out the school year.  Finally! Goodbye school year 2014-2015.  Goodbye 2nd and 5th grade.  I won't cry because you're gone.  (At least not now, but definitely when the kids are almost grown and leaving the house. Then I'll lament the past; but today, I'm throwing a party!) Hello Darling Summer!  **Smooches**  Hello summer track meets and lazy days at the neighborhood pool ... [ Read More ]