Going Home


This past weekend I traveled home. I traveled to a familiar and beloved place of my childhood. There are many ways a person can “go home.”  I’ve heard the phrase “going home” my entire life.  I first heard it during my childhood – every time my father would pack up the family for a nine hour road trip to head back to where it all began for him… to where he grew up - back to Pinetops, ... [ Read More ]

Marriage Challenge Update – Day 6: Respect {UGH!!!!!}

31 Day Challenge 6 Day Update

As some of you may know, about 5 1/2 weeks ago I launched into a 31 day marriage challenge.  And in typical "I read on mommy time" fashion, today, I just read day 6.  That's right, it's taken me over 30 days to to get to day 6, but I keep encouraging myself by saying that the race is not for the swift, but for he that endures to the end (or who almost dies trying). I usually tack the daily ... [ Read More ]

The Simple Act of Gratitude – Guest Post


How excited I am to welcome Onesia Fuentes to the front porch of my Little House on the Freeway to share what is Welcome Home Ministry's very first guest post!  (Hooray!)  May your heart be blessed by her offering. and now, Onesia's post. . . If the only prayer you said in your entire life was Thank you, that would be suffice. -  Meister Eckhart  When praying, for me it always begins ... [ Read More ]

Love Saturday mornings! The quiet. The coffee. The Food Network!

little house

This is the first Saturday in a while that I've awakened in my home to simply do NOTHING but relax, and it feels amazing! Even in the summer when school in not in session it seems that there's a list of things to get done each day.  I'm not sure why that is.  It just seems as if "progress" is supposed to be made on weekdays...so I find some progress to make - like there would be any shortage of ... [ Read More ]

The Craziest Thing that Happened on Vacation (and Other News!)

Going my way?

Another vacation post!  Am I crazy?! No...this is not merely a vacation post.  I have several other very interesting things to share with you! Yesterday was a pretty amazing day!  My kids participated in an annual track and field event which is sponsored by our City Parks Department. The kids train for this all summer, twice a week, and it culminates in a big fancy schmancy professional ... [ Read More ]

State Hopping Day 5: The Bahamas

Coconut Collage

Happy Monday! This morning we checked out of our hotel in Washington, DC and headed home! It's been a blast, state hopping from one place to another while traveling by car to and from Florida, but I'm definitely ready to head home and sleep in my own bed.  (Sleeping in 5 hotels, one resort and a on cruise ship within 7 days tends to do that to a person!)  The upside: I haven't cooked one meal ... [ Read More ]

State Hopping Day 4: Cruising from Florida to the Bahamas

layla snaps a pic of me and mal

Who am I? Where am I? Are we in Kansas yet? I've been in what seems like so many states in such a short span of time that I'm loosing track of the days. I'm writing this post on Friday night, but I'm trying to recap what happened on Wednesday and Thursday, and things are beginning to blur. On Wednesday evening we checked into a hotel in West Palm Beach, Florida: the Embassy Suites.  Pretty ... [ Read More ]

State Hopping Day 3: Georgia


Hello from sunny and rainy Savannah, Georgia! Look at that gorgeous pineapple tree!  This state is so beautiful.  I wish we could have seen more. We said good bye to Josiah in Jacksonville, North Carolina at about 5pm and checked into our hotel in Savannah at 12 midnight.  The hotel was so beautiful!  Very different from the typical city interiors I'm accustomed to; very tropical looking. ... [ Read More ]

State Hopping Day 2: North Carolina


Hello from Jacksonville, NC! Yesterday was day two of our Griswold Holmes family vacation: a week long adventure of seven assorted family members traveling to and from Florida in the smallest crossover vehicle known to man with a two day cruise sandwiched in between. Our strategy is to try to make the most of a very long drive to Florida by stopping in a different state every day ... [ Read More ]

State Hopping Our Way to Florida (on Vacation)

20150801_191703 - Copy

Hey Friends! I'm on a week long vacation with the family so posts will be short and erratic this week. We're state hoping on our way to and from West Palm, Florida where we will cruise for 2 days to the Bahamas!  It's our first time cruising, and even though it will be a short two days we are so excited and I can't wait!  Yes, I'm going to be a "Bahama Momma."  I'll try to post a picture of my ... [ Read More ]

Giving Your Husband Love He *Doesn’t* Deserve

Giving your husband love he doesn't desereve

If you’ve ever wondered why you love your husband when you want to quit - keep reading. With all this talk about the 31 Days to a Happy Husband challenge, I recently received a question that I've been asked by wives time and time again: How do you love and serve someone who’s not loving and serving you back?   This is a question I can relate to, especially since I struggle with the very same ... [ Read More ]