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Little House Highlights – New Year’s Edition!

I’ve been taking a blogging break while enjoying my family over Christmas break.  We've been having a great time!  Things were pretty hectic leading into Christmas, but now that it’s come and gone, most of our days have been restful.  Here’s a few Little House highlights just in time for the New Year… 1 - Christmas Time Crafts Now that Angel is ... [ Read More ]

Christmas Giveaway Winner! (& video outtakes)

The winner of the Christmas Giveaway bundle is... Comment #3: J9mineo from Bklyn, NY Tradition: "Baking cookies with my children. Every year for every holiday, we make what I like to call an edible craft. Something that the kids make and then we enjoy it all together for dessert." Congratulations Janine! Thanks to everyone who commented!  All ... [ Read More ]

Deck the Halls!

I love seasonal decorating! I decorate my home and create a window display with accompanying garden decorations for Valentine’s Day, Easter (Resurrection Day!), The Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, and of course, Christmas. And even though I haven’t succumbed to the temptation of decorating for St. Patty’s day, I’m soooo jealous of those who do! ... [ Read More ]

Christmas Giveaway!

Because Christmas is a time to give... I'm giving away this awesome gift bundle to encourage the heart of a woman: To Enter Just answer the following question in the Comments section of this post (not on Facebook): "What is your favorite Christmas tradition?" It can be as simple as a one word answer like "caroling".  Just shout out the ... [ Read More ]

My Little Girls’ Big Day at the Salon!

Today was an exciting day for Autumn and Alexis! About twice a year I allow them to have their natural hair professionally blown out at the salon. It’s such a treat for them, especially considering that every other day of their lives they wear pony tails in virtually the same hair style.  (I've been doing hair for 27 years and my creativity is ... [ Read More ]

Just Dance!

We're not a board game kind of family. We do play some board games, but we're more of a Let's find a good family show to watch bunch; but we're having a blast enjoying some pre-Christmas games dad picked up for family fun.  They've really gotten us off of our tushies! We recently got "Just Dance" by X-Box 360.  You don't know fun until ... [ Read More ]

The Blessing of Having a Full House

Having all of my children home (less one) means that our Little House is full again.  Yippee! This is the face of a full house… First: Dad using the sink and Jon shaving beside him while Angel admires herself? Next: Jon's in the lead and Dad shaves to his left while Josiah provides commentary? Last: Dad's in the sink, Jon shaves ... [ Read More ]

Autumn’s Movie – {Thanksgiving Dinner}

I just have to share this video that Autumn Joy made!  It's a hoot! Autumn is our residential producer and film maker.  Not sure what the difference is between the two and I haven’t the time or inclination to Google the difference.  All I know is that she is always behind the scenes filming and downloading apps to make and splice movies. She’s ... [ Read More ]

Little House Highlights – First Edition!

What are Little House Highlights? ...It's a quick, weekly review of life at my Little House on the Freeway. If you’re wondering why I call our home “Little House on the Freeway” click here and scroll down.  I got this  idea from  a fellow blogger; I think it's a neat idea (I hope you do, too!) and I hope to write one every week. Here ... [ Read More ]

To Trust…& Obey?

“Wives, submit yourselves to your husbands, as if fitting in the Lord.”  Colossians 3:18 Yesterday was our appointed day to reupholster our kitchen chairs.  Oh Joy!  (Not really, but it had to be done.  I'm talking yuk like you wouldn't believe.) As my hubby took out the fabric and used one seat cushion to begin making a template for the ... [ Read More ]

Serving Your Husband

How well do you serve your husband? This is a topic I’ve struggled with and certainly a question I’ve asked myself before…but not for any good reason. I asked myself this because I’ve truly wondered if my attitude about intentionally NOT serving him was right.  Wondered about it so many times that I eventually began praying about it…simply ... [ Read More ]

This is Christmas                        

LOVE came for Us… to give His life and to give us abundant life. Friday night I attended my second Christmas event of the season…my churches much anticipated annual Christmas Ladies Tea. This is an event that truly ministers to the heart of women.  The first time I attended, three years ago, I walked in and was rendered BREATHLESS.  I ... [ Read More ]