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Unusual Quiet, Serenity and Church Bells

I woke up this morning to the most amazing sound... the sound of church bells ringing!  That was a glorious and unusual occurrence for me. I'm used to hearing the sounds of traffic: of trucks and buses and cars and horns beeping.  I live in a little house on a freeway (I love saying that) and it’s ... [ Read More ]

Letting Go is Hard to Do

A few days ago, I took Autumn and Alexis ice skating with our homeschool group. Ice skating is one of the highlights of our year as a homeschooling family.  We eagerly anticipate its arrival each year. After lacing up the girls' skates they headed over to the ice where they began practicing their ... [ Read More ]

What if God Planned Your Family Size?

Could you use a few more blessings from God? It may not come from a new credit card, a job promotion, or anything that money can buy.  In fact, it may come from something that will turn your emotional and financial life upside-down! I had a conversation with my mother recently that made me ... [ Read More ]

Blogging about Not Blogging

I'm so conflicted right now.  I don't know what to do.  I'm suffering from "too many options" syndrome.  Here's my sad story... It's Tuesday night and usually I have very a calculated "To Do" list I follow to finish the day.  But for some reason, right now I'm struggling with deciding what to do. ... [ Read More ]

Mom’s Need Socialization, Too!

What makes a groggy, sleep deprived mom get out of bed so early in the morning that she can’t see straight?  So early that the sun hasn't come up and the birds haven't even begun to sing? A mom’s fellowship!  A mom’s fellowship has the power to make women do strange things! Like…get up when ... [ Read More ]

When Encouraging Your Daughter Means Sharing Your Failures

Over the years, I've been super inspired to cook new recipes by watching the Food Network.  Thankfully, this inspiration has infected my daughter, Angel, too.  Her signature dish is creamy spinach and mushroom lasagna.  What I love about this dish is that I’ve never made it. It’s something that she ... [ Read More ]

Gynecological Adventures, Part 3

[If you've missed Part 1 and Part 2, you've got a bit of catching up to do, unless you're the wild and crazy type who likes to dive in with no explanation.  Either way, I still love ya!] - The Bimanual Exam This party’s not over yet.  Oh no, Baby!  It can’t jump off until an internal ... [ Read More ]

Gynecological Adventures {Part 2}

Oh my gosh!  I thought I could pull this off - describing what I thought was a comical visit with my GYN, but I'm starting to get a really bad case of the nerves.  I mean, we ladies do this every year but NO ONE is talking about it.  Well, I did say that I'd take one for the team, so for better or ... [ Read More ]

Gynecological Adventures {Part 1}

If you're a woman, then you already know about the joy of taking your annual gynecological exam. (Yippie!) And no matter how much you dread it, this is one date that you can't break!  One of my past visits was just down-right comical.  (Tell me this kind-of stuff doesn't happen to you?) It happened ... [ Read More ]

Good Morning God! (My Epic Fail with Quiet Time)

What Bible study method will you use for quiet time this year? Before I even got out of the bed on New Years Day, I contemplated beginning a new "read through the Bible in a year" daily calendar...AGAIN!  And this time with some degree of angst and trepidation. Seems like I was just here a year ... [ Read More ]

A New Day Has Dawned – Give Thanks!

"In everything give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you."  1 Thessalonians 5:18 I spent New Years Day sleeping in until 12 noon (didn't even know I could do that!), snuggling with hubby and the littlest ones under the covers, while the older ones sat atop, lingering ... [ Read More ]