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Friday Funness – Autumn’s Music Video {You Lead}

Hi Friends! Here's a little somethin' to get your weekend kick-started: Autumn's latest work - a music video she choreographed,  filmed and directed starting her younger sister, Alexis (only 1 min 15 sec long). Here's a behind the scenes shot of her filming the video (in the comfort of her ... [ Read More ]

Beyond The Mask Movie – Monday, April 6th @ 7:30pm

Tiffiney Holmes Invites You to See... a Brooklyn, NY Showing of Monday, April 6, 7:30pm at Sheepshead Bay Stadium 14 Beyond the Mask is a revolutionary new family film that brings history to life in a faith-filled adventure celebrating grace, liberty, and the true freedom that can only be ... [ Read More ]

Oh Happy Day! (Tiffiney’s Salvation Testimony)

Oh Happy Day! This is my story, a love story, of how Jesus Christ pursued me and I finally surrendered.     I didn't grow up in a “Christian” home.  We did not go to church on Christmas or Easter Sunday.  We just didn’t go to church.  As a child, if I were asked what my faith was, I ... [ Read More ]

How Denial and Double Stuf Oreos Can Help Moms Cope

Have you ever been this mom? . . . I stopped by the supermarket one evening and saw an all too familiar scene: a momma with a hot-red face shopping with her kiddo’s. This momma was seriously trying to hold it together.  Her grade school kids were playing - age appropriately - yet still ... [ Read More ]

Hump Day Humor – What’s wrong with this picture?

This is my pictorial ode to Rocky The famed "Rocky Balboa" {think Sylvester Stallone} from the (1976) Rocky movie. {Rocky screaming} Adrian! ADRIAN! There's this iconic scene in the movie where Rocky triumphantly runs up 72 steps and reaches the entrance of the Philadelphia Museum of ... [ Read More ]

No Guilt Parenting (Especially not over chicken!)

If this post is about anything, it’s definitely about how we, as mothers, have a tendency to take on unnecessary guilt! Here’s my very ridiculous serious case in point… I was recently standing at my kitchen sink cleaning chicken for dinner (yes, I lead a very exotic life), and it got me to ... [ Read More ]

6 Great Last Minute Ideas & Tips for Valentine’s Day

Here is my #1 Valentine movie pick, last minute tips & gift ideas, and the #1 thing your husband really wants for Valentine’s Day (but won't tell you!)  ̴  1   ̴ #1 Movie Pick: “Old Fashioned” - This Valentine’s Day chivalry makes a comeback! Opening Valentine’s Day weekend, Old Fashioned (PG ... [ Read More ]

The Vow: A wife who chose the hard path of forgiveness

 PG 13, 2012 ‧ Drama/Romance ‧ 1h 44m Synopsis: The Vow is based on the actual relationship of Kim and Krickitt Carpenter, who wrote a book about their marriage, also known as The Vow.  Ten weeks after their wedding on September 18, 1993, the couple was involved in a serious car accident. ... [ Read More ]