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Leap of Faith: What if Following Your Husband Meant Losing Everything?

Recently, I went to see Woman in Gold,  a movie about an elderly Jewish woman who returns to Vienna six decades after WWII in order to reclaim family belongings that were once seized by the Nazis.  It was really good.  Go see it or rent it! As with much of what I watch, I saw a character struggle with an issue that most - if not all wives - ... [ Read More ]

My Boy’s Gone, Again (& Learning How to Let Go)

CAUTION: BROODING MOM ALERT Two weeks ago I looked like this... This week, I'm curled up in a fetal position, bawling and clothed in sackcloth and ashes. Will you grab your Kleenex and join me in having a teenie-weenie pity party?  (If you do I'll share my chocolate milkshake with you.) My Marine pulled off today to head back to his ... [ Read More ]

The Church – A Place to Belong!

The Church is God’s design . . . a place of encouragement, accountability, spiritual training and relationship building for families. And one of the things I love most about being a Christian is the privilege of going to church every Sunday and worshiping with my brothers and sisters in Christ. I was glad when they said unto me,   "Let us go ... [ Read More ]

Spineless Downton Abbey & Scandal Retraction

Ah...Um...{Is this thing on?}...I have something I need to get off of my chest... A few weeks ago I wrote this post in which I questioned why Christians watch certain TV shows and movies. Well, I'm retracting those sentiments!  (Or at least some of them.) No, no one has mentioned anything negative to me about it, it's just that I have ... [ Read More ]

Now that I’m a Christian: Six Steps to Joy for New Believers

Congratulations on receiving Jesus Christ as your Savior! If you’re wondering “NOW WHAT?” as a new believer…please keep reading! {This post is a follow-up to “You Must Be Born Again: Why we desperately need Jesus Christ” in which the need for salvation through Jesus Christ is explained.} (For help on how to look up a Bible verse, click ... [ Read More ]

How to Look Up a Bible Verse

Howdy Friend! The Bible says that God's word is a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path (Psalm 119:105).  If you were ever wondering how to find a Bible scripture, here's a bit of help. Sample scripture citation: John 3:16 Find the Book. In the above scripture citation, “John” refers to which book of the Bible the verse is found in. ... [ Read More ]

A Fun Day Visiting Angel

This past weekend, my family made a quick getaway to visit Angel upstate at Word of Life Bible Institute. (Josiah is tired of taking pictures for Mommy. :o) When kids grow up and leave the nest, being able to get everyone together takes a lot of coordination, and even so, it doesn't happen often.  For most families, it may only happen once a ... [ Read More ]

Spring Has Sprung!

This is how I know that spring has officially begun: Soccer season begins! Today was Mustard Seeds Soccer's Opening Day!  That's a Christian soccer league my girls have played on for the past three years. No matter what's happening in my life, I can tell that the clock is moving forward, school will almost be over and summer is just ... [ Read More ]

My Boy’s Home! (And other news.)

First things first! Today is national No Housework Day!  (I am not kidding you.) It’s supposedly the one day of the year you can just relax, forget those daily chores, and do absolutely anything else instead; a chance to indulge yourself with no guilt. Who comes up with stuff like that? I’m thinking it was a man, because the logic behind ... [ Read More ]

Fake Glasses & Good Friday Service – Perfect Together

Happy Monday, Friends! I hope you had an amazing time worshiping our risen King on Resurrection Sunday! Here are my two smallest in their "Sunday best" as Laura Ingalls would say (I love Little House!) I was dog tired Friday evening and started debating whether or not we would make Good Friday church service. Eventually, fatigue (and ... [ Read More ]

Sometimes the Kids Really Get It Right

If you're an Easter tradition slacker . . . read on!  (And Oh, I forgive you already.) A couple of days ago I wrote this post about Easter traditions, in which I confessed being guilty of not keeping up with . . . um . . . hardly any Easter traditions.  You know, the ones I grew up with and learned to cherish: Easter baskets with lots of pastel ... [ Read More ]

Warning: Grumpy Mom Alert {Honey, Don’t Bother Me! Please}

Do you ever experience this… WHY IS IT...that when I desperately need some down time after being out of the home all morning with the kids AND I’m trying to decompress while sitting in my favorite chair, eating an ice cream pop and watching one of my favorite shows, my husband thinks it’s the perfect time to gripe about not having cell phone ... [ Read More ]