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The Truth About This Website

Dear Fellow Wife & Mom…

there’s something you need to know.

On my “Meet Tiffiney” page, I wrote that “I am having the time of my life as a wife and mom.” And while that’s true, that statement needs some clarification, as it may give some people the impression that my home-life is pure bliss and conflict-free; and that’s certainly not the case.

So what does it mean?

While “Having the time of my life as a wife and mom” does mean that I am enjoying my role as a wife and mom, more specifically, it means that I can see a way out of despair – when it arises.

Once upon a time I couldn’t see my way out.

I was having a very difficult time in my marriage and I thought the answer to my pain was to escape it.

Now I don’t. (Christ did a 180 on my heart and mind.) It took a good bit of time.  My God is faithful and patient! 

Yes, my marriage is way better than it used to be, but please don’t think that my husband and I never argue or get on each other’s nerves.  Sometimes he hurts my feelings – not intentionally – but still, it happens (and sometimes I hurt his, too).  I have to keep working on loving him well. Marriage is hard work! Yet, if you put in the “work” it can be extremely gratifying. (I have experienced this personally.)

But what’s different now is that God has grown me and has helped me to develop some spiritual and emotional muscle, which in turn helps me to deal with our conflict more effectively – and then there’s GRACE! This is why people should not give up on each other. Things do get better…they get better as we get better in Christ.

I still have conflict in my home.  (Sometimes it’s not pretty – be imaginative.)  

I still have heartache that keeps me on my knees.

So much of what we see today is what I call Best Face Forward Christianity.  We live in the age of selfies and we put our best self on display for public consumption.  We don’t want anyone to know we have problems (or what they are specifically) and we want to be seen at our best.  And honestly, I’m no exception.  I certainly want you to see the “best” me, too.

BUT that’s not all there is.  There’s also this…

Anyone who is living and breathing has problems, heartache and disappointments in their life – and I’m no exception!

Yet, even while I’m facing my personal, daily trails I keep blogging away and being as transparent as I can be because this website is not about trying to prove that I live a flawless or perfect life; if anything, it’s about demonstrating why I (and all of us) so desperately need a savior, why that savior is Jesus Christ, and because Christ offers hope for us as individuals, there is hope for our families. (If you know Him, you can do your hallelujah dance now!)

My hearts desire and prayer is that Welcome Home Ministry would point women to the Cross of Christ, refresh them in their faith, and demonstrate the amazing gift of God that family life truly is.  In keeping with that goal I’ve tried to create a happy little place in cyberspace to inspire women to want more and try harder in their home-life.  I certainly hope I’ve succeeded in this endeavor.  But if you read my posts and wonder why my life is so great and different from yours, then I’ve certainly failed in some way.

So, when you see all those smiling photos please remember that that photo only captured a moment in time, and only represents one dimension of a multi-dimensional life.

Remember that, OK?  (And maybe say a prayer for me.  I certainly need it.)

From my heart to yours,


My life verse…

“Who am I, Lord God, and what is my family that you have brought me [us] this far?”   (I Chronicles 17:16b.  Strikethrough and “us” is mine.)

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