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Closing out 2017 with a bang! And looking ahead...
While We Wait
Anticipating the Christ Child and our forever child
How the Gospel Is Wrecking My Life
Foster care, adoption, and the American Dream
The Little House That Could
How to thrive in family life

The Little House That Could: How to thrive in family life

“Thanks for breakfast, Mom!” said my young adult son as he smiled and walked out of the door. “You're welcome son,” I shot back as I smiled wide, grinning ear-to-ear. I felt so blessed as I peeled potatoes, cracked eggs and baked beans to usher in this beautiful breezy and sunny fall morning. My home was peaceful and at rest, adorned with ... [ Read More ]

The Power of the Fourth Man: Hope for hurting families.

Dear wife and mom, If you’re struggling in your marriage or with your kids; if your circumstances seem horribly irreversible, I want you to know that the power of the Fourth Man is available to transform your family and save it from the fiery flames that come to destroy you and your loved ones. *** When I consider my more than rocky start in ... [ Read More ]

It Really Is a Good Life

I decided to wear a suit. I figured I'd give my everyday soccer pant and favorite hoodie (a.k.a. my mommy uniform) a break - just for today. I hadn't donned a suit in four years, not since I left my 9-5 to be a stay-at-home mom (for like the third time), but today it just felt right. I wanted to make a good impression on my new doctor. I ... [ Read More ]

7 Helpful Ways to Improve Your Marriage and Family

We all want to be have a happy and thriving home; and while family life is complex and there are no short cuts or quick fixes to improving upon it, the following practices have been instrumental in helping to invigorate my own marriage and family's life.   Some of the ideas involved are critical and involve physical action (like #1), ... [ Read More ]

Angel’s Home for Spring Break!

Someone's back home for spring break and we couldn't be happier! We're having a great time getting all caught up.  The girls are having sleepovers in the living room and we're all spending lots of leisure time around the kitchen table hearing her campus life stories.  (Yes, this has slowed down our school schedule, but it's an unavoidable and ... [ Read More ]

Thing One and Thing Two

With three of our six kids out of the home (one at Bible school, one in the military, and one married) there is a huge age gap between those siblings that are left. Those that remain are Jonathan (age 20), and his two younger siblings: Autumn (11) and Alexis (8). Recently, Jon came to me and asked if I think he's spending enough time with the ... [ Read More ]

Hump Day Humor: Daddy’s Fashion Show {or Violation?}

Hey Friends! Do you need a good belly laugh today?   Ready to spit out your morning beverage? Your kids do this, right? Why can't the kids ever pull these shenanigans when the house is clean?  :-) Just a little humor to help you over that mid-week hump.   "A cheerful heart is good medicine."  (Proverbs 17:22) Laugh on! Tiffiney ... [ Read More ]

My Big Fat Beautiful Family – I Love This Kid!

I miss this kid like crazy! One year ago, he left our home to join the Marines. Here he is swearing in at the Army base in Fort Hamilton, Brooklyn.  He was so serious and so ready to start a new life as a Marine. (He had no idea what he was in for.)  :-) And after 3 months of not hearing his voice or seeing his face, and corresponding ... [ Read More ]

Hump Day Humor – What’s wrong with this picture?

This is my pictorial ode to Rocky The famed "Rocky Balboa" {think Sylvester Stallone} from the (1976) Rocky movie. {Rocky screaming} Adrian! ADRIAN! There's this iconic scene in the movie where Rocky triumphantly runs up 72 steps and reaches the entrance of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. This scene has become such a cultural icon ... [ Read More ]

An Inaugural Family Night

He Skates! Dad joined in our homeschool group’s weekly skate time.  Whatever activity the girls are doing (soccer, swimming, track and field) he tries to attend at least once.  This time he gets extra points for not just attending but braving the ice.  He lasted a whole 10 minutes on the ice, so it’s safe to say it was the easiest money the rink ... [ Read More ]

A New Day Has Dawned – Give Thanks!

"In everything give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you."  1 Thessalonians 5:18 I spent New Years Day sleeping in until 12 noon (didn't even know I could do that!), snuggling with hubby and the littlest ones under the covers, while the older ones sat atop, lingering around, and having a very slow and intentional ... [ Read More ]