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A Heart That Creates Beauty at Home

Hey There! The Christmas season is in full swing and many among us have been busy decking the halls with boughs of holly, dressing trees and stringing lights; and I'm no exception. My heart has been singing as I've been stringing.  That's because I absolutely adore seasonal decorating! Almost ... [ Read More ]

A Post-Thanksgiving Recap

Hey Friends! I hope you had a glorious Thanksgiving.  It’s been a while since I’ve posted because I was consumed with all that goes into prepping for our family's big day of thanks.  Here's a rundown of how our week went: All Hands on Deck! Since we were expecting to host and sleep several ... [ Read More ]

Sometimes the Kids Really Get It Right

If you're an Easter tradition slacker . . . read on!  (And Oh, I forgive you already.) A couple of days ago I wrote this post about Easter traditions, in which I confessed being guilty of not keeping up with . . . um . . . hardly any Easter traditions.  You know, the ones I grew up with and learned ... [ Read More ]

Easter’s Coming!

What do your Easter preparations look like? I took Autumn to the orthopedic yesterday and the nurse who was checking her height and weight cheerfully looked at her and asked, ”Do you have your Easter dress yet?”  Autumn smiled politely and sort of looked at me as if to say: Mom - Easter ... [ Read More ]

6 Great Last Minute Ideas & Tips for Valentine’s Day

Here is my #1 Valentine movie pick, last minute tips & gift ideas, and the #1 thing your husband really wants for Valentine’s Day (but won't tell you!)  ̴  1   ̴ #1 Movie Pick: “Old Fashioned” - This Valentine’s Day chivalry makes a comeback! Opening Valentine’s Day weekend, Old Fashioned (PG ... [ Read More ]

Happy New Year!

Happy 2015, Everyone! On New Year's Eve my family went to church to usher in the new year.  In my opinion, there is no better way to bring in a new year than to be in God's house. Afterward, we hosted a New Years Eve Party at our home.  I've wanted to do this for years but was never willing ... [ Read More ]

Christmas Giveaway Winner! (& video outtakes)

The winner of the Christmas Giveaway bundle is... Comment #3: J9mineo from Bklyn, NY Tradition: "Baking cookies with my children. Every year for every holiday, we make what I like to call an edible craft. Something that the kids make and then we enjoy it all together for ... [ Read More ]

Autumn’s Movie – {Thanksgiving Dinner}

I just have to share this video that Autumn Joy made!  It's a hoot! Autumn is our residential producer and film maker.  Not sure what the difference is between the two and I haven’t the time or inclination to Google the difference.  All I know is that she is always behind the scenes filming and ... [ Read More ]

Relax. Refresh. Read Aloud!

Yesterday, I woke up feeling physically exhausted from the previous days homeschool Christmas party.  I mean the level of fatigue I experienced was unreal.  I could tell it was time to start switching gears and kick-off our uber-relaxed December homeschool schedule.   Yay!! This month, we will be ... [ Read More ]

And the Winner is…

Yesterday was our homeschool groups' annual Christmas Party Bake Off. Autumn has competed for the last two years and has always taken home a prize in one of the three categories:  appearance, taste or creativity.  Her first year, she won in her age category for taste.  Last year she won for ... [ Read More ]