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Hump Day Humor – How Funny is Plaid on Plaid?

Hi Friends! I couldn't come up with anything that I thought was laugh-out-loud funny this week so.... I decided to share this picture of my dad wearing plaid on plaid. (My dad is such a cute guy.  Not too many people can pull that off - but my he's is working it!) That's funny, right?  Or, it’s at least mildly amusing...right? Okay...No ... [ Read More ]

Hump Day Humor: Daddy’s Fashion Show {or Violation?}

Hey Friends! Do you need a good belly laugh today?   Ready to spit out your morning beverage? Your kids do this, right? Why can't the kids ever pull these shenanigans when the house is clean?  :-) Just a little humor to help you over that mid-week hump.   "A cheerful heart is good medicine."  (Proverbs 17:22) Laugh on! Tiffiney ... [ Read More ]

Hump Day Humor

Hey Friends! Here's a little humor to help get you over that mid-week hump... Now, don't you feel better?   "A cheerful heart is good medicine..." (Proverbs 17:22a NIV) This was created using some weird app on Hubby's IPad.  (Perhaps I should reconsider how I use my free time?) That there is me and my daughter, Angel.  I call her Angel ... [ Read More ]