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No Guilt Parenting (Especially not over chicken!)

If this post is about anything, it’s definitely about how we, as mothers, have a tendency to take on unnecessary guilt! Here’s my very ridiculous serious case in point… I was recently standing at my kitchen sink cleaning chicken for dinner (yes, I lead a very exotic life), and it got me to thinking about a time when I was asked to clean ... [ Read More ]

An Inaugural Family Night

He Skates! Dad joined in our homeschool group’s weekly skate time.  Whatever activity the girls are doing (soccer, swimming, track and field) he tries to attend at least once.  This time he gets extra points for not just attending but braving the ice.  He lasted a whole 10 minutes on the ice, so it’s safe to say it was the easiest money the rink ... [ Read More ]

Letting Go is Hard to Do

A few days ago, I took Autumn and Alexis ice skating with our homeschool group. Ice skating is one of the highlights of our year as a homeschooling family.  We eagerly anticipate its arrival each year. After lacing up the girls' skates they headed over to the ice where they began practicing their figure eights.  I glanced over and watched as one ... [ Read More ]

What if God Planned Your Family Size?

Could you use a few more blessings from God? It may not come from a new credit card, a job promotion, or anything that money can buy.  In fact, it may come from something that will turn your emotional and financial life upside-down! I had a conversation with my mother recently that made me chuckle, uncomfortably. You see, my oldest daughter is 27 ... [ Read More ]