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Here Comes the Bride: My Angel is getting married!

Recently, I've been so busy "Celebrating the Adventure of Faith and Family Life" (this website's tagline) that I haven't had sufficient time to blog about it! You see, my second oldest daughter, Angel, will be joined in holy matrimony on July 5th, 2017, to Scott Gerald Ewin; and I am one HAPPY MOMMA! I am beside myself with giddiness and ... [ Read More ]

Spring Has Sprung!

This is how I know that spring has officially begun: Soccer season begins! Today was Mustard Seeds Soccer's Opening Day!  That's a Christian soccer league my girls have played on for the past three years. No matter what's happening in my life, I can tell that the clock is moving forward, school will almost be over and summer is just ... [ Read More ]

My Boy’s Home! (And other news.)

First things first! Today is national No Housework Day!  (I am not kidding you.) It’s supposedly the one day of the year you can just relax, forget those daily chores, and do absolutely anything else instead; a chance to indulge yourself with no guilt. Who comes up with stuff like that? I’m thinking it was a man, because the logic behind ... [ Read More ]

Fake Glasses & Good Friday Service – Perfect Together

Happy Monday, Friends! I hope you had an amazing time worshiping our risen King on Resurrection Sunday! Here are my two smallest in their "Sunday best" as Laura Ingalls would say (I love Little House!) I was dog tired Friday evening and started debating whether or not we would make Good Friday church service. Eventually, fatigue (and ... [ Read More ]

Thing One and Thing Two

With three of our six kids out of the home (one at Bible school, one in the military, and one married) there is a huge age gap between those siblings that are left. Those that remain are Jonathan (age 20), and his two younger siblings: Autumn (11) and Alexis (8). Recently, Jon came to me and asked if I think he's spending enough time with the ... [ Read More ]

My Big Fat Beautiful Family – I Love This Kid!

I miss this kid like crazy! One year ago, he left our home to join the Marines. Here he is swearing in at the Army base in Fort Hamilton, Brooklyn.  He was so serious and so ready to start a new life as a Marine. (He had no idea what he was in for.)  :-) And after 3 months of not hearing his voice or seeing his face, and corresponding ... [ Read More ]

Friday Funness – Autumn’s Music Video {You Lead}

Hi Friends! Here's a little somethin' to get your weekend kick-started: Autumn's latest work - a music video she choreographed,  filmed and directed starting her younger sister, Alexis (only 1 min 15 sec long). Here's a behind the scenes shot of her filming the video (in the comfort of her pj's). The music is by her favorite Christian ... [ Read More ]

My Little Girls’ Big Day at the Salon!

Today was an exciting day for Autumn and Alexis! About twice a year I allow them to have their natural hair professionally blown out at the salon. It’s such a treat for them, especially considering that every other day of their lives they wear pony tails in virtually the same hair style.  (I've been doing hair for 27 years and my creativity is ... [ Read More ]

Just Dance!

We're not a board game kind of family. We do play some board games, but we're more of a Let's find a good family show to watch bunch; but we're having a blast enjoying some pre-Christmas games dad picked up for family fun.  They've really gotten us off of our tushies! We recently got "Just Dance" by X-Box 360.  You don't know fun until ... [ Read More ]

Do I Live in the Hood?

Do I live in the “Hood?” I’m not sure.  And what exactly is the “Hood” anyway? For years I’ve been trying to answer this question, yet the answer has eluded me.  I need to know!  I have my suspicions, but I need facts; the cold, hard facts! Jonathan, my teen son, often comments that we live in the Hood.  Note: when Jonathan, our resident ... [ Read More ]

Ring Worm Girl?

About a week or so ago, in this post, I shared that Autumn Joy caught ringworm.  I was pretty okay with that since ringworm is easily contracted and easily treatable.  No stigma needs to be attached (yeah right) as many kids in school catch it. - One week after treating her ringworm with prescription strength ointment, I realized that it was not ... [ Read More ]

The Good, the Bad and the Best!

What are your parent-teacher conferences like? We recently endured experienced our first round for the school year.  Made me feel like I was in that classic country western: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. I have four school aged kids: John, The Homeboy, who’s in the eleventh grade; Josiah, A.K.A. Smarty Pants, our tenth grader; Angel, Ms. ... [ Read More ]