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Video – Learn How You Can Know God {God’s Exchange for You}

God’s Great Exchange for You!

Hey Friends!

I thought this video would be a great addition to Welcome Home’s Salvation page.  Enjoy it in your quiet time, or even after church with the family?

This video is a simple explanation of Who God is and how you can have a relationship with Him. You will learn why God’s exchange for you was necessary, what the exchange is and what it accomplished. 

This message is shared by Jeff Musgrave from

Happy Sunday!

 After watching this video…

If you’ve made a decision to accept Jesus Christ as your personal savior, welcome to the Family of God!

Please contact me so that I can rejoice and pray with you and send you some helpful follow-up information.

You’ll need to find a Bible believing church.  To read about five other crucial steps you can take to grow in Christ read Now that I’m a Christian: Six steps to joy for new Believers.

I made a decision to give my life to Christ when I was 16 years old.  You can click here to read my testimony of how God pursued me and how I finally stopped running.

If you’d like to read more scriptures about how know the God of the Bible intimately and have eternal life through his Son, Jesus Christ, click here for a text and print version of God’s plan for salvation.

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