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Just in case you didn’t know . . . 

Jesus Christ saved me; and because He saved me there was hope for my family.

Without Christ, I would have lost my marriage and the family that I’m blessed with today.  The only thing that changed the trajectory of my life, in every possible way, was my surrender to the cross of Jesus Christ.

Inside Welcome Home’s Family Life Section . . .

My heart’s desire is that you would stay a while, read a few of my hand crafted posts, and be inspired to have an amazing family-life.  Click on the section headings below for encouragement.

            Marriage                Parenting              Motherhood



Would you like to experience abundant family life?

Then get to know the Designer of the family (God the Father) and His instruction manual for the family (the Bible).  It all starts with a personal relationship with His son, Jesus Christ.

Click here to read about how God worked a miracle in my heart and my family-life.


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