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Angel’s Home for Spring Break!

Someone’s back home for spring break and we couldn’t be happier!

We’re having a great time getting all caught up.  The girls are having sleepovers in the living room and we’re all spending lots of leisure time around the kitchen table hearing her campus life stories.  (Yes, this has slowed down our school schedule, but it’s an unavoidable and beautiful part of life – and one of the benefits of homeschooling!)


Yesterday, we took her to the mall to get a second piercing in her ears.  She was a whiny baby about the whole thing but I didn’t tell you that.  🙂

She drove us all there and back and almost swiped the right side of two unbelievably beautiful cars!  I was the front seat passenger who had to reach over (with my left hand!  Ugh!  I’m a rightie!) and quickly steer the wheel to the left.  I’ll give her a pass considering that she’s only driven a total of 10 days in her entire life and we were on one of the the most narrow lanes that I’ve ever seen.  Life’s certainly an adventure when your kid has recently secured a learners permit.

On the way there we passed a Lowe’s home improvement store, which reminded me of just how much I enjoy shopping there with my husband for home renovation projects.  I enjoy building and fixing-up stuff with him; even if we’re just shopping for the materials and a contractor is going to do the actual work.  I love the thought that together, we are building on something as significant as our home, which is something that will last forever (short of a nuclear bomb).  I love the shopping (most of the time), the tearing down (don’t love that part as much), and the building back-up.  We’re making a life together while very slowly improving on our humble home.  I think that’s amazing! Yes, it’s everyday ordinary stuff, but I love it!

I love picking up kids for spring break.  I love the milestones of second piercings and teaching kids how to drive (on crazy crowded New York streets).  I love everyone’s excitement over having the family (mostly) back together again.  I love doing family!

“God sets the lonely in families…” (Psalm 68:6).

Be sure to enjoy your family today!

Tiffiney xoxoxo

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