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Loving Your Home – Little House Lessons

Howdy There!

I’m Tiffiney, and I’m coming to you live from my Little House on the Freewayin Brooklyn, NY, where I live with my husband and our 6 kids (these days it’s only 4 kids).  

family in front of home

(Here’s 3 of the 4. I’m never letting them go!)

I affectionately refer to my home as my “Little House” because of my love for the Little House on the Prairie TV series and books, which have inspired me to live a simple and uncomplicated life. So, because I live in a little house on a busy street (with four lanes of bustling traffic and a bus!), I was elated to call my home my Little House on the Freeway. 

Little House

We took this Little House inspired family portrait back in 2004. (Yes, my family hates me!)

I fought my husband tooth and nail about buying this home and I resented him for years for doing so; but eventually God’s teachings penetrated my heart and that feeling of discontent was turned upside down . . . and today I LOVE OUR LITTLE HOUSE!

Alexis Easter Sunday

(Alexis plays in our garden on Easter Sunday.)

I wrote the following posts out of hard lessons I learned about loving and appreciating my home. Perhaps they will inspire you to love your home with all of your heart as well.

Little House Lessons: Appreciation

Little House Lessons: Contentment

From my home to yours,



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