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6 Great Last Minute Ideas & Tips for Valentine’s Day

Here is my #1 Valentine movie pick, last minute tips & gift ideas, and the #1 thing your husband really wants for Valentine’s Day (but won’t tell you!)

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#1 Movie Pick: “Old Fashioned” – This Valentine’s Day chivalry makes a comeback!

Opening Valentine’s Day weekend, Old Fashioned (PG 13) provides a refreshing, Christian alternative to 50 Shades of Gray.  Old Fashioned is a romantic comedy about what happens when a former frat boy and a free spirited girl attempt the impossible: an “old-fashioned” and God-honoring courtship in contemporary America.  As with most faith-based films, its viewing is limited, so visit for trailers and theater locations.

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Quick and Easy Chocolate Treats

the pioner womanIf you’re looking for some quick and easy chocolate treats to whip up, the may be your last minute go-to for ideas.  Last Saturday, on the Food Network, she did an entire show covering treats like chocolate pie, valentine cookies (image left), chocolate fondue, and yes, even chocolate covered potato chips!

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Valentine’s Day Ideas for Your Husband

From Women Living WellThis post (and picture) from Courtney at is a must read for wives.  I usually take a semi-lazy casual, family-friendly approach to Valentine’s Day, but in this post Courtney reminds us to be husband centric and to not forget the romance. (Ouch!)  🙂


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How to Sear the Perfect Steak for Your Valentine 

If your husband’s motto is, “Love is patient. Love is kind. Love is a perfect medium-rare.” then this is the perfect gift idea for your steak loving Valentine!  This post will walk you through how to sear a super-delish’ bone-in rib-eye, an elegant but less fatty fillet mignon, or a less expensive, but still tasty, top sirloin steak WITH step-by-step pictures.  It’s brought to you by


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Heart Shaped Pancakes with Strawberry Compote 

Here’s a cute and easy Valentine’s Day breakfast idea that my kids love (hubby too!). Make pancakes and cut them into heart shapes.  I use this Wilton heart shape cookie cutter that I brought from Michael’s craft store.  Hull and halve fresh strawberries, mix them with a little sugar and stir gently to produce syrup, then place them atop the heart shaped pancakes and finish off with a sprinkle of confectionery sugar.  For chocolate lovers, consider topping with mini chocolate chips and whip cream.  It doesn’t get any easier, or better than this!

 ̴  6   ̴

The #1 Thing Your Husband Wants for Valentine’s Day

“YOU!”  (In your birthday suit.) Wrapped in a bow!  (Yes…you, Wifey.)

Don’t over think this.  It’s not complicated.  This is a no brainer.

Yes, your husband appreciates your…

carefully selected Hallmark cards,

when you make his favorite meal,

when you make him chocolate cake topped with fresh strawberries and whipped cream, or

when you buy his favorite cologne.

But, if you were daring enough to ask your hubby, “Hun, what would you REALLY like for Valentine’s Day?”  He might just crack a wicked grin and get lost in thought!

Happy Valentine’s Day, Everyone!


Tiffiney xoxoxo

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