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Hump Day Humor – How Funny is Plaid on Plaid?

Hi Friends!

I couldn’t come up with anything that I thought was laugh-out-loud funny this week so….

I decided to share this picture of my dad wearing plaid on plaid.

(My dad is such a cute guy.  Not too many people can pull that off – but my he’s is working it!)

That’s funny, right? 

Or, it’s at least mildly amusing…right?

Okay…No belly laughs there.  🙁

Well, if you can’t get a chuckle out of that…then look at your husband’s receding hairline. That should do it!

But don’t laugh about that to his face – unless you want him to laugh about that patch of hair growing under your neck (no, I did not see it. Did you see mine?).  🙂

Okay, so you don’t want to laugh at your own family?  Then look at your neighbor’s nose during your morning commute (a Pastor I know used to say that).  That should certainly provide some form of entertainment!

And if you’re wondering why I can’t resist the urge to take a fun and silly picture without my tongue protruding (which was pointed out to me by a dear friend), this picture appears to provide an answer.


I guess it’s hereditary?

The work week is half way over!

In only two more days you can hide under your bed with your favorite snack and binge on episodes of your favorite show.  (Unless your an at-home-mom and you’ve been doing that all week?)  😉

Go forth!  And remember to find humor in even the smallest of things (just not in your co-worker tripping over the office carpet.)

Don’t worry!  Be happy!

Happy Hump Day, Everyone!

Tiffiney xoxoxo

“Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own” (Matthew 6:34).

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