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Sunday’s are Wonderful!

Our church service starts at 3pm on Sundays.

(My kids: tough on the outside, soft on the inside.)

This is because we don’t own our own building, so we meet inside of a beautiful Presbyterian Church in Brooklyn Heights, after the Presbyterians have finished their service.

(Josiah’s quite an acrobat…doing a one-handed flip.)

The Presbyterians are a wonderful group of people who have allowed our congregation to share (rent) their space for at least the past ten years or so.

(Having fun is a family affair.  John (far right) is always dancing.)

Not waking up at the crack of dawn – as if it were a work or school day – to attend church is a beautiful thing.  But finding something constructive for the kids to do until it’s time to begin dressing to leave for church can require some creativity.

(John “busts” a front flip!)

This is because I don’t like to treat Sunday, our day of worship, as just any usual day.  So (for the most part) we don’t watch TV, play video games, nor have friends over to play.

(Autumn and Lexy get in on the fun.  There’s John dancing again!)

But this Sunday no creativity was required because the pre-fall weather was absolutely perfect for family fun on the trampoline.

(Josiah says,  “Look Mom, no hands!” Mom says, “Careful Siah, no teeth!“)

Dad was asleep due to his work schedule and mom took the pictures.

(“I can’t flip but I’m having fun, too!”)

Some people love their early morning 8am services.

(Momma!  Don’t let him get me!”)

For others, even 8am is too late; they prefer a 6am sunrise service.  Perhaps a good bit of church services begin at 10am or 11am?  Some churches even have multi-services on Sunday, like at 9am, 3pm, and then again at 6pm.

(Angel’s not going to be outdone by her brothers!)

Obviously, there are different strokes for different folks when it comes to what’s the best time for church to start.

(Jumping is so much fun!)

What’s important to remember is simply to be found in the house of the Lord!

(One for the road!)

From the Scriptures:

“I was glad when they said to me, “Let us go into the house of the LORD.” Psalm 122:1


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