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Blogging is Hard Work!

Wow!  I haven’t blogged since September 3rd.

When I conceptualized this site, I thought I would be cranking out blog posts just about every day, excluding Saturday and Sunday.  Well, I guess I didn’t account for those little, unavoidable interruptions otherwise known as MY LIFE: my husband, my kids, my home, my job, my church and maybe even “me time”.  Hey, I count, too; don’t I?

Well, what’s a gal supposed to do?

I have to keep my house clean. (This is a lie as everyone who came to my surprise 40th birthday party can attest to.  They saw just how dirty and neglected everything in my home was.  But that was because I couldn’t be Martha Stewart and launch a website.)

I have to read to my younger kiddies. (OK, this is also a lie.  It’s not easy trying to work, albeit part-time, come home just to run back out to pickup last minute back-to-school items, come back home to prepare dinner, dream about blogging – emphasis on dream because I actually never get to do it – and read to Autumn and Alexis so I don’t feel like a crappy mom.  So, I farm out the “read to the kiddies” job to Angel, my 13-year-old, who is compensated with ice cream; and not just any ice cream – Cold Stone’s ice cream.  This plan is yummy, yet diabolical!)

I have to keep those wholesome dinners coming. (Yet another lie!  Ever since I started working, we’ve been consuming more frozen food than any nutrition conscious mom should admit.  We’ve also been buying out more than I’d like to admit.)

I have to spend quality time with Hubby to keep our marriage alive. This usually goes something like this:

Hi Hubby (smooch, smooch).

Did YOU call the doctor today to make that appointment for kid #1?

Yeah.  He’s all set for… blah…blah…blah…

Did YOU call the Optometrist to make the appointment for kid #2?

Check.  (Five minute dialogue follows.)

Did YOU remember to send off the check for the dental plan?

Done.  Blah…blah… blah…

Did YOU remember to ask you job about your 4o1K?

Not, yet.  Tomorrow.  Pinky promise.  (Three minute lecture follows.)

Did you call kid #3’s school today?

Yeah, but I couldn’t get through.  (Five minute conversation ensues.)

So Hubby, how was your day?

It was…

Alexis, stop running through the house!

Ah, like I was saying…

Angel, open the door and let Basil out before he pees on the floor again!

Sorry, Hubby, you were saying?

**Interrupted by kid #4**

Mom, can I have a dollar to go to the store?

You get the picture.  Our talk is more like a business meeting with constant interruptions than a romantic, mid-day catch-up.  (Hubby and I have learned that it’s essential to have important, non-interrupted conservations sitting inside of  our car on the freeway.  And we’ve been known to sit out there talking until the kids call 911 to file a missing persons report.)

I could continue ranting about other necessary things that preclude me from finding time to blog, like the laundry, the garden that I have to water daily (scratch that, I didn’t plant one this year), the quality time I spend with the kids (“Alexis, stop hitting your sister!  Autumn, stop screaming at Alexis! John, for the fifteenth time take off your hat in the house!  Josiah, are these your shoes in the middle of the floor?  Angel, feed Basil before he rolls over and dies!  Would you like to go a day with out eating?”), but that would bore you, and some tunnel vision type like my Hubby would say that they’re all excuses anyway.  (They may be excuses for men, but for women they are guilt inducing impediments to fulfilling extracurricular pursuits.)

The point is, that finding time to blog when you’re a wife and working mom, even a part-time working mom, is difficult.  But I hope to post more often in the future.  Let’s make a deal – If you promise to put up with infrequent posts from me, then I promise that when I do post it will add value to your life, or that it will allow me to use this site as a free form of therapy; either one, OK?

Great.  It’s settled!  I knew you’d understand.



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