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Mom’s Need Socialization, Too!

What makes a groggy, sleep deprived mom get out of bed so early in the morning that she can’t see straight?  So early that the sun hasn’t come up and the birds haven’t even begun to sing?

A mom’s fellowship! 


Cheers to coffee and tea for Mom’s only!

A mom’s fellowship has the power to make women do strange things!

Like…get up when some others have just gone into REM sleep.

Like…wake when you are sure to still have bags under your eyes.

Like…arise before your body has properly digested the previous days’ food, so you’ll still have belly bulge.

My homeschool group has a mom’s breakfast twice a year, and I’m always super stoked about the thought of attending.  I mark my calendar in big bold letters and eagerly count down the days as it approaches; but I question my sanity EVERY TIME I attend.

They start at 8am; so, getting up early enough to prepare myself starts at about 6am.  That’s pretty brutal for me (on Saturday mornings I usually sleep in, drink coffee, watch the food network and fall into a vegetative state) so, I find myself overworking that snooze button. Then, when I can no longer hit snooze (note: the antidote to not oversleeping is to promise another mommy a ride) I roll over, pull the sheets over my head and wonder why I signed up for the event to begin with!

Even so, once I’m up and dressed and tip-toeing out of the front door, I feel great!  Once there, we greet each other so warmly and “ooh” and “aah” over all the food that was prepared (or bought) with love.  We share coffee and laughter, stories and second helpings, while somehow managing to encourage each other along in mommydom.


If these walls could talk…it would be all good!

One mom noted that her husband encourages her to attend because he thinks she will come back home a better wife and mom.  (I’d say he’s a very intuitive guy.)

Another mom shared that when she first started homeschooling she thought to herself: “I’m going to be home with the kids all day…no adults to talk to?  Mom’s need socialization, too!”  Of course, the room erupted in laughter!  Most people question a homeschool child’s socialization…but what about Mom?!

So many options, so little time! :o)

So many options, so little time! :o)

I can still remember my first mom’s breakfast, like it was just yesterday…

I was new to the group and desperately in need of some mommy bonding.  I was counting down the days to the much anticipated event.  I went to bed the previous night with my outfit pressed and laid out AFTER I washed, blew out and flat ironed my hair.  Then I confirmed my super-early babysitting arrangement and set my alarm clock for that ungodly hour.

The next morning, when the alarm sounded, I questioned my sanity.  I wondered if I were really so desperate to fellowship with other women that I’d awake so early that my eyes were crossing and my frontal lobe reasoning was impaired?

But, yes, I needed this…and nothing was going to stop me!  I had spent my week serving, cooking, cleaning, teaching, loving, screaming, refereeing, and carpooling, and by golly, I was going to have a MOMENT!

So I pushed: I got up, I got dressed, I got a little cute and I tip-toed out of the house after kissing the kids gently on their foreheads.  I drove a good distance and circled for parking and rang the bell with much anticipation and a great smile….and I WAITED…and WAITED…and WAITED for someone, anyone, to answer the door.  It took a while, an eerie and uncomfortable while, before my dear sister came to the door, dressed in a robe, and told me as sweetly as possible that I was a week early for the breakfast!

I tried to make light of it and laugh it off, saying that I was sure to get the “first to arrive” door prize the following week.  Then I walked away, got in my car, drove myself to the neighborhood Starbucks and cried over a tall, extra hot mocha with whip.  Was I really so desperate for mommy bonding, for friendship and camaraderie, that I unconsciously pushed it ahead by a week?  Really Tiff?

OK, I won’t be so hard on myself.  Anyone can make a mistake, but I really did need some mommy fellowship, especially during that season in my life.  You know – the magic that happens when a mom is with kindred spirits getting her emotional love tank filled, the shared laughter and mutual understanding?  It’s healing balm for a woman’s heart.

I’ll have to remember that the next time the alarm goes off!

**Bonus Audio**

This is the sound of a room full of MOM’S unleashing pent up conversations.  There are at least ten conversations happening simultaneously around one table (by maybe 12 people?). And YES! We can handle it!  It was music to my ears: an orchestra of mommy voices, a symphony of socialization. I knew I had to capture it. Only a mom can understand it.  No, we don’t sound like this all the time, and it only lasted for a few moments, but again, it was our time…Mom’s time!

How about you…What do you do for mom socialization?  What have your experiences been like?



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