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A Fun Day Visiting Angel

This past weekend, my family made a quick getaway to visit Angel upstate at Word of Life Bible Institute.


(Josiah is tired of taking pictures for Mommy. :o)

When kids grow up and leave the nest, being able to get everyone together takes a lot of coordination, and even so, it doesn’t happen often.  For most families, it may only happen once a year.  So the guys came up with the idea to grab the bull by the horn and visit Angel while Josiah is home on vacation.  My niece, Layla (standing between Jon and I), came along with us, too.

We left late Sunday morning and arrived there at dinner time.  Angel was extremely happy to see us all, but especially happy to see Josiah.  Having both of her brothers visit her while away at school (Word of Life Bible Institute) for the first time since she’s been there was a real treat.  These three have been inseparable since childhood.

Here they are in the chow hall…


Here are her two closest friends…

Monday morning, we went by the water in town and tried to skip rocks in the water.  Unfortunately, the water was still frozen, so we turned our water skipping into a rock throwing contest.

When it comes to brothers, there’s only one way to settle who gets to throw the first rock, and of course that’s by battling in “rock, paper, scissors.”

Not sure who won, but Dad’s rock went the furthest.  Even though his boys are grown, he’s still got it!
Dad throws

The weather was beautiful, a pure gift.  We couldn’t have picked a better two days to steal away.  Look at how beautiful the water was.  (Look at how far that rock is going!)


Here’s one last shot of the crew by the water…


All good things must come to an end, and our time with Angel was no exception.  After a long day at the mall we drove back home and ran to our beds.  At least Josiah is still home!



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