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Bucket List Adventures!

I have a really simple bucket list.

It includes things like having a moment  in the lavatory without one of my kids banging on the door saying, “Mommy! Autumn ripped off my doll’s head!”  Or things like sleeping through the night without my mommy bladder waking me up to go tinkle.  You know…stuff like that.

But yesterday, I got to experience a true bucket list item – not one related to my emotional health or physiology.  I got to experience Niagara Falls!


It was absolutely stunning!  Take note of the rainbow and the height of the mist from the force of the falls.


We saw it from the Canadian side, which “they” say is much more breathtaking than the American side. (My awesome son-in-law took this shot – thanks JR!)


We definitely bundled up!  But I have to admit, temperature wise we caught a pretty nice day.  I can only imagine how lovely it would be to see the majesty of the falls in the summer, when the temperature is much milder.

Here are some happy smiling faces and some cool dudes on the bottom left.

Photo Collage Maker_aZK3W2

Here’s Dad with his girls, minus Ashley, who couldn’t get away from cosmetology school.


Here’s an overhead shot taken from inside of the visitors center…


Here’s hubby and I saying “Howdy from the Falls!”


Have a great Wednesday, everyone!

Tiffiney xoxoxo


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