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State Hopping Our Way to Florida (on Vacation)

Hey Friends!

I’m on a week long vacation with the family so posts will be short and erratic this week.

We’re state hoping on our way to and from West Palm, Florida where we will cruise for 2 days to the Bahamas!  It’s our first time cruising, and even though it will be a short two days we are so excited and I can’t wait!  Yes, I’m going to be a “Bahama Momma.”  I’ll try to post a picture of my family everyday as we travel through another state.

Here’s what our state hop looks like:

Saturday – California, Maryland

Sunday – Jacksonville, North Carolina

Monday – Savannah, Georgia

Tuesday – West Palm, Florida

Tuesday – Thursday – Cruise to Bahamas

Thursday – Friday – Orlando, Florida (stay at resort)

Saturday & Sunday – Williamsburg, Virginia? (Midway stop between Orlando and NY, not sure yet.)

Saturday started off with a bang!  It was a very special and sentimental birthday cookout in Maryland for my two great uncles who turned 80 years old.  It also just happened to be my Dad’s birthday.  Here he is pictured with his grand girls.

20150801_191703 - Copy

As a child, I spent every summer in North Carolina with my dad’s family.  They were some of the happiest days of my life. It changed me from a city girl to a country girl.  They are my  favorite people in the world!  Pictured top right is my Aunt Sal.  Bottom left is my Uncle Jr.  Top left is my mom and my nephew.  Bottom right is me and mom with my dad, the birthday boy.

family collage - Maryland

Here I am with my beloved older cousins, Jackie, Teresa and Monique.  They are several years older than me and I spent my summers watching them go out at night to lots of places I was too young to go.  Thankfully they finally let me in their circle!

20150801_192605 - Copy

Today we are visiting our son the Marine (Josiah) at Camp Lejuene, NC.  I finally get to see what his base looks like and where he lives.

I’ll try to post a picture “post card” of us all in each state we visit.  Stop by Welcome Home’s Facebook page for immediate updates.



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