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State Hopping Day 3: Georgia

Hello from sunny and rainy Savannah, Georgia!


Look at that gorgeous pineapple tree!  This state is so beautiful.  I wish we could have seen more.

We said good bye to Josiah in Jacksonville, North Carolina at about 5pm and checked into our hotel in Savannah at 12 midnight.  The hotel was so beautiful!  Very different from the typical city interiors I’m accustomed to; very tropical looking.  The rooms were lovely as well. Each one had a fireplace which we didn’t have time to enjoy.

We planned on taking a trolley tour around the city of Savannah, but it rained all day!  That would have been a great way to get acquainted with the city before heading to Florida, but hopefully we can do that sometime in the future.

Like I said, it rained, and the rain has been known to do crazy things to people.  It had a weird affect on me as well, which resulted in me walking around our hotel lobby with a big bright plastic cap on my head.

I decided to spare you the picture, but just imagine it…or don’t!

I’ve watched other women walk around sporting that look and inwardly I’ve said, “Jeez, have some class, lady!”  But today, I was that lady; that lady whom, I guess, single-handedly embarrassed my entire people group by donning a tacky bright pink plastic shower cap. Please forgive me, ladies?  

Like I said, it rained, so the girls swam…in the rain.

Autumn and Lexy swim

And we hid behind beautiful pineapple shaped trees taking silly pictures…in the rain.


It rained.  The End!

Stay tuned: West Palm Beach is up next (where we board for our cruise).

Holla Back: Have you cruised before?  If you have any suggestions for cruising with kids or suggestions on what we should do please on the ship, please chime in in the comments section below.

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