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Friday Funness – Autumn’s Music Video {You Lead}

Hi Friends!

Here’s a little somethin’ to get your weekend kick-started: Autumn’s latest work – a music video she choreographed,  filmed and directed starting her younger sister, Alexis (only 1 min 15 sec long).

Here’s a behind the scenes shot of her filming the video (in the comfort of her pj’s).


The music is by her favorite Christian artist, Jamie Grace, who has a way of appealing to the hearts of the young for Jesus (and momma’s too!).  🙂

Autumn worked so hard on this, editing, sequencing and splicing the footage.  (She even drew up a contract for 7 year old Alexis to sign!)  Ultimately, she ended up with a product that she’s pleased with.  She loves creating and she loves being behind the scenes; and Alexis was perfectly cast in this as she’s has the showy personality.
And now – Introducing Alexis Holmes in You Lead.  Produced by Autumn Holmes. (This is TOO CUTE!!!)

Have a great dancing weekend, everyone!


Tiffiney xoxoxo

P.S. Yes, I know funness is not a word.  {But it’s fun making up words!}  🙂

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