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Spring Has Sprung!

This is how I know that spring has officially begun:

Soccer season begins!


Today was Mustard Seeds Soccer’s Opening Day!  That’s a Christian soccer league my girls have played on for the past three years.

No matter what’s happening in my life, I can tell that the clock is moving forward, school will almost be over and summer is just around the corner because soccer has begun!

It’s amazing how fast soccer season comes around every year.  It’s a subtle reminder that the girls are growing up (and will eventually age out – at 12 years old) and that I will be an old and rotund granny one day with thinning hair, no eyebrows, bifocals and a hearing aid.  (But my husband will still think I’m hot cause he’s such a good man like that.)

But I’ve gotten ahead of myself – back to the present…

Soccer is truly one of the highlights of our year!

The camaraderie on the field with the other parents is amazing.

Little tots as young as 5 years old play and you’ve got to see them contemplating whether or not they will kick the ball or pick daises.  They are too cute and super tiny and their little feet appear to be only 4 inches long!  Did I mention how cute they are?

However, by the end of the season (two months later) they are lean, mean (cutie, patootie) soccer machines!

Autumn has played for three years now and is a very intense player.  From the first day she set her feet on the field, she’s given the game everything she has.  She’s been nicknamed “Iron Foot” by her team mates.

Here she is in 2012 at age 7…


And again in 2013 at age 8…

And in 2014 at age 9…


(What a difference a sunny Picture Day makes!)

Little Alexis has played for the past two years.  One year she was awarded the Blood and Guts trophy because the soccer ball hit her square on top of her head and she went straight down into a full split and ate grass!  But she took it like a champ.

Here she is in 2013 at age 5 (and 10 months old!  Her birthday was the following month.)…


And again in 2014 at age 6 (virtually 7)…


This year, I’m looking forward to another great soccer season – another season filled lost soccer cleats, left behind water bottles, unexpected nose bleeds, blood and guts injuries, game winning goals, soccer pictures, and having iced coffee and sweet fellowship with other parents.  This is truly one of the best times of the year!


Momma’s 2015 Opening Day picture


Happy Saturday, Friends!

Tiffiney xoxo


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