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Blogging about Not Blogging

I’m so conflicted right now.  I don’t know what to do.  I’m suffering from “too many options” syndrome.  Here’s my sad story…

It’s Tuesday night and usually I have very a calculated “To Do” list I follow to finish the day.  But for some reason, right now I’m struggling with deciding what to do.  Should I…

Be relaxed and finish the evening by putting the girls to bed early and watching a nice show?

Be industrious and take down the last of my Christmas decorations?

Be aware and watch the President’s State of the Union Address?

Be disciplined and write a blog post since it has been a few days?

Be spiritual and go and read my Bible?

Be enriched and surf the net for parenting articles? (Here’s one my friend Gisel recommended to my entire homeschool group today.  I haven’t read it yet.)

I don’t feel like being very regimented or task oriented right now.

Basil (our pomeranian) has the right idea.  He’s off in the corner on his doggy bed doing NUTHIN’.


Nuthin’ sounds good right now.

I’m going to sit in the corner, indian style, and and eat brownies a la mode!



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