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I have several awesome people I’d LOVE to introduce you to…

First up…My Man!

If you’ve clicked over from my Meet Tiffiney page, you may have already met my husband…affectionately called Yoda (as in the Star Wars character) by our kids; but on this website, I mostly call him “Hubby”. I moved to his block in the sixth grade where we grew up next door to each other.  He was definitely the yin to my yang;  my best friend – hands down!  When I found myself a teen mom at the age of 16 he stood by me and naturally became the God father.  We married seven years later, and you’d NEVER believe that there were dimensions to both of our personalities that clashed with the force of a thousand tidal waves.  It was the beginning of some very challenging years to come, but I’m glad we stuck it out (through prayer, godly counsel, obedience to scripture and God’s great GRACE…Did I leave out kicking, screaming, fights and tears?) because today my life with him is INFINITELY richer than it EVER could have been without him.  How does God make that happen?  I am totally not smart enough to stick that out on my own or to know that it would be this good.  (Duh Tiff!)

My first born is Ashley Jamie…

It was just she and I for the first seven years.  Her smile can brighten up an entire room! She has amazing energy, is super clumsy, yet gifted with her hands – she can do hair, bake designer fondant cakes from scratch and craft!  (And most of her talents are used to bless us!)  But what she’s best known for in our family is being a terrific big sister who is super involved in the lives of her siblings.  She attends every school trip and sporting event possible.

Ash-Cat is now 28 and married to our son in law, *Jay R*. They make a beautiful couple and he is a wonderful addition to our family.  He is an only child and I’m sure marrying into our family was a bit of a shocker for him. (He should have done his research!) Anyway, my kids love him.

Next up is Jonathan (21), Josiah (20), and Angel (18)…

Jonny Boy, Siah and Angel Eyes are three peas in a pod. They were virtually inseparable for years.  When they were younger they took silly pictures like this…

Having them so close together was one of the toughest challenges I faced as a parent.  Many days I was crushed under the overwhelming weight of having three children under three, or three kids in diapers and/or potty training. I was a mess, and I was not above hiding under my bed, pulling out my hair and hating my life.  People used to tell me that it would be different when they grew up.  I didn’t believe them.  Well, guess what? They were right! They are TRULY three blessings!

These days they look more like this…

Jonny Boy is my light-hearted jokester who keeps our lives as parents “interesting.”  His motto in life is “Hakuna Matata” which means “no worries for the rest of your days” (think Lion King). He and I relate to each other exceptionally well.  We even have our own love language that we speak called  ”Cobolese.”  (Never ask him that…he will deny it emphatically!)

My Angel Eyes may be the most petite person you will ever meet but she has the integrity of a giant and a deeply ingrained sense of loyalty and justice.  She doesn’t give anything a half-effort; she’s that “perfect attendance” kind of kid.  I often tell her she’s “Easy Like Sunday Morning” (think of the song from the 70′s by Lionel Richie) because she’s such a good kid.  Even though I breastfed this child for an unreal amount of years, I think her Dad is her “Bestie”, but I’m not the least bit jealous.  (If you believe that, I have a bridge I’d like to sell you!)

JosiahOnce his teacher told me that she wished she had a class-full of kids just like him, and a relative said that hanging out with Siah makes him want to have kids!  I think he’s been “under the radar,” so to speak, all his childhood; meaning, he’s always been the quiet and compliant child living in his big brother’s shadow.  But it seems as if I blinked and he blossomed into a strong, forward thinking young man.  He may be a mild natured and non-confrontational person, but today he is a U.S. MARINE!  OOH RAH!

Last up is our little Autumn Joy (11) and her side-kick, Alexis (8)… 

This dynamic duo is three years apart in age.  I’m so glad they have each other.  They both have a heart for the Lord and are over-the-top Daddy’s girls who make our lives absolutely delightful.

P-L-E-A-S-E don’t get the impression that my children are perfect and my life is a bed-of-roses. Matter-of-fact, read The Truth About This Website so you won’t be disillusioned and you’ll know that my life is not much different from yours.  It’s just that through Jesus Christ, God has worked a miracle in my heart so now I can see what a blessing my children really are. God really does make all things new!

I’m so glad you got to meet the family!  Thanks for stopping by and allowing me to share.


My life verse

“Who am I, Lord God, and what is my family that you have brought me [us] this far?”   (I Chronicles 17:16b.  Strike through and “us” is mine.)

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