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How to Not Be a Psycho Mom on Mother’s Day

How not to be a psycho mom on Mother's Day. In my last post, I wrote about the moments - how special they are, because they become tomorrow's precious memories; and thankfully, my family experienced some special moments as we celebrated my nephew's wedding this past weekend. This guy is so ... [ Read More ]

All We Have Are the Moments

All We Have Are the Moments... I wasn't able to write a blog post last week. Though I had many words in my heart to share, they never made it to the keyboard, because life was happening – busily sweeping me from one task to the other – seemingly, at times, without a moment to exhale. We ... [ Read More ]

The Value of Living a Small Life

The value of living a small life... I once heard Oprah Winfrey say that she leads a BIG life. As I pondered her statement, I understood exactly what she meant, and I agreed fully. Shortly after, it lead me to a conclusion of my own...I lead a rather small life. I am not known by the ... [ Read More ]

You Are the God Who Sees Me

You are the God who sees me. With big smiles and bear hugs we enthusiastically greet each other every Sunday. Hello, sister!  How are you? But something about her response this time was different. "I'm hanging in there," she said with a half-smile. Now, I happen to know from ... [ Read More ]

Take Courage, Girlfriend! You Can Do This.

Take Courage . . . If you are presently in need of a family-life cheerleader, this post is for you! ...I've got my pom-poms ready! The stormy waves of family life It's no secret that life is messy, unpredictable, and full of bumps in-the-road; particularly when it comes to ... [ Read More ]