Spineless Downton Abbey & Scandal Retraction

Ah…Um…{Is this thing on?} I have something I need to get off of my chest.

A few weeks ago I wrote this post in which I questioned why Christians watch certain TV shows and movies.

Well, I’m retracting those sentiments!  (Or at least some of them.)

No, no one has mentioned anything negative to me about it, it’s just that I have never posted anything that has left me feeling bothered and troubled when I reflect back upon it, day-after-day-after-day, but with this post I have.

I don’t believe the problem is that I expressed concern over the Christian’s appetite for certain kinds of media. I believe the problem is that I went about it the wrong way – by naming certain shows in particular.

Maybe some of you think that I was right in what I did but I have no peace about it. That’s simply not the “space” I want to be in here on this blog.

Yes, I believe that faith in Christ necessitates that Christians have higher moral standards than those who don’t know Christ; and of course, those standards would impact our entertainment choices, but pointing out or naming specific shows exceeds my comfort level.  (If you can read it and ignore all the names of shows I’ve mentioned, I’ll be alright with that.)

I suggest you read this post instead!  The writer did a much better job of broaching the Christian and entertainment issue without trying to play the role of the Holy Spirit.

For weeks I’ve been thinking about how to address this without appearing to be a spineless, jelly fish of a Christian, but perhaps I can’t.  All I know is that I shouldn’t let “saving face” be my focus here.  I think it’s OK for us to do an about face when necessary – even when it has to be done in front of an audience.   🙂

Do you pinky-promise to love me anyway?

I still love you – even though you have bad breath!  (I’ll retract for that insult next month.)

Happy Friday, Friends!


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  1. Hi, Tiffiney! You’ve demonstrated for us sensitivity to the Holy Spirit, and brave obedience to what He has asked you to do. Thank you for this valuable example! I’m glad you found my article helpful, and I truly thank you for pointing your readers toward it. Many blessings on your continued ministry!

    • Hi Jennifer,

      It was definitely my pleasure sharing your post. You have a wonderful blog which points people to the Lord. Keep up the great work!


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