This Girl is on Fire! – Sort of…Maybe…Not Really…HELP!

Before I left for the my summer blogging break I had plans, man. BIG PLANS!

I announced that I would be adding additional writers and launching into podcasting, doing Facebook lives, writing eBooks, and more.


This was going to be me in the blogging world . . .

I was going to be just like Lynda Carter. Fierce, but for Jesus!

I started the summer with all of my plans – on fire! – and I got right to work on trying to make all of my dreams a reality; but throughout the summer I added more and more commitments to my plate. And even though it’s all good stuff I need to do to better homeschool my girls, and serve Christ in a more meaningful way, I had the acute awareness that my new schedule might impede my ability to write consistently for this blog.

Just between me and you, I feel a bit overwhelmed with all of my commitments (none of which I can trim back), and I hope that during this busy season I will be capable of putting three intelligible words to paper. We shall see. See Scott run. Dick and Jane. . . I may be off to a good start!

Possibly Girl on Fire this fall? . . .

(She’s not dead. She’s breathing. I put a mirror under her nose – like all good moms were trained to do.)

My New eBook: The Art of Building a Godly Home

All my planning wasn’t for naught. I spent all summer working on my eBook, and I’m thankful to say that it is pretty much completed, with the exception of editing. It is really a labor of love. I’m so grateful to God that I’ve finally created a resource that moves beyond encouragement, and into the realm of equipping women. I can’t wait to release it so that women can use it as a tool to help build their home for Jesus.

My Word for 2018

You know how at the beginning of every year there’s a lot of buzz around the internet about words; more specifically, what ONE word will define a person’s life for the upcoming year?

Well, over the summer, as I prayed and sought the Lord regarding Welcome Home Ministry, the Lord spoke a word to my heart that has really surprised me. Contrary to my Girl on Fire plans, I have emerged with one word that I believe will define this upcoming season of blogging . . .


What does it mean to drip? (I heard you ask.)

Think of a droplet of water that falls from the roof of a ceiling after it rains. It’s just a tiny bit of water – in comparison to a splash of water or a big wave.

I may not be able to make a big wave right now because of all the wonderful stuff happening in my life (which can be utterly exhausting), but you can best believe that I will be drip, dripping along by God’s grace.

Dripping will help me to remain faithful to the core values I hold as a family-life blogger. It will add authenticity to what I write, as well as produce character in my life. If I can not demonstrate faithfulness to God behind the scenes, I have no credible message here on this blog.

So my word for 2018 as a blogger is DRIP! 


Because God can make a mighty ocean from a drip-drop river…Dream Small

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Let’s flourish in family life together!

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  1. How profound your word Drip is!! Wow, so prophetic and such a blessing to be given that word. Welcome back Tiffany! Big fan of yours and so glad to see you are doing all that God is laying in your heart!

  2. Tiffiney, welcome back! It’s amazing yet not at all surprising how quickly our plans change, isn’t it?

    One day at a time, let’s see what doors God swings wide … and what doors He locks up tight …

    • Hey Linda, I do marvel at how quickly our plans change. Reminds me of that Scripture; Many are the plans of man…. Thanks for stopping By!

  3. Tiffiney, I love your word, and I am listening to the fun song you posted as ai type this. I too am feeling overwhelmed and know I can’t quite meet the demands and work on a book. But I am going to let Jesus use me right where I am. I can’t wait for your ebook to come out. Thank you for sharing on Grace & Truth Christian Link-Up. Blessings Maree

    • Hey Maree! It’s so good to have you back in my inbox! Glad you enjoyed the song. I think its so simple, yet insightful. Congrats on your book! Cant wait to grab a copy.

  4. LOVE the “Drip” idea, Tiffiney! I think you are on fire, and I’m grateful to know you. Your ebook sounds like a wonderful resource; bless you as you finish it up.

    I myself have hardly done anything blog-wise lately. . . but I’m writing a book for InterVarsity Press. I’d sure appreciate your prayers as I finish the first round of edits. Writing a book is hard work, that’s for sure! I reckon we just need to drip. . . drip. . . drip our way to the finish line. 🙂

    Thanks so much for joining the Grace at Home party at Imparting Grace. I’m featuring you this week!

    • Hey Richella! Thanks for your enthusiam about my ebook. As small as it is (about 17 pages) it takes so much editing and rewriting that I could only imagine how intense writing and editing a book must be. Congrats to you too in your book. I’m looking looking forward to buying it!

  5. I love this, Tiffiney! God can take our faithful drip and turn it into a wave in His time and for His purposes! Amen!!!! So glad you’re back! We missed you!

  6. HI Tiff: I missed your log this summer, welcome back. Drip on dear sister, I love the term drip. Looking forward to reading your ebook.

  7. You sound like me this summer. So many plans, not many got done. I had to readjust my expectations. And you know what, that was all right. God had me doing what I needed to do. I so relate to the idea of drip. We can’t all be waterfalls, but we can drip. Consistently drip. And a lot of drips, they add up to a lot of water over time. So Keep dripping.

    • Hey Theresa, I couldn’t agree more – adjusting our expectations is key! And your reply reminds me of the Scripture that says the race is not for the swift, but for he that endures until the end. Thanks for stopping by!

  8. What a fun post! I saw your image on the linkup and it drew me in. I loved Wonder Woman as a kid and sadly have tried to accomplish Wonder Woman status in work and life all too often. As a mom of young adults, my advice is slow down. Enjoy the kids. Do only what God is calling you to do and His calling wouldn’t wear us out! This is a lesson I don’t fully live out yet, but I’m learning.
    ~Sherry Stahl

    • Hey Sherry! Yes, that’s always a tip-off of a life out of balance: when we become worn out. Thanks for stopping by to share.

  9. I love the energy in your writing! And I love your word – drip! It makes perfect sense. My plans always seem far too ambitious for what is reality. God’s plans are more manageable and rewarding, even if they don’t make huge waves. Now to keep that at the forefront of my mind when making my to-do lists!

  10. I love blogging, I even have four and only one of me. So I did cut back, focus on the most important things, drip is better than droop, I have been on fire, burned out, burned , burned the candle at both ends. I don’t need to be Wonder Woman, we have Jesus who is Wonderful.

    • Drip is better than droop? I love it! I hadn’t thought of that. Lol! My do you have a way with words, Rebecca. I’ll be heading over to your blog for a visit sometime soon.:-)

  11. Drip away! Love it! Your e-book looks like an amazing resource! Blessings as you drip God’s encouragement into the hearts of wonder women everywhere!

  12. Welcome back! Sometimes our best intentions shift and we end up somewhere we didn’t expect. It sounds like you’re refocused and ready to follow God’s lead! And thanks for the word of the year reminder. I have gotten a bit . . . offtrack with mine!

    • Becca Love! (I made that up on the fly, but I think it works.?) I wonder what your word is? I’ll have to pay you a visit to find out. Be blessed!

  13. Tiffiney – Your title and image made me click over from Holley’s place today. I love it, and Congratulations on the e-book and what you did accomplish over the summer. that is awesome! Also, don’t you just love how God gives one word that sometimes we think isn’t that profound or “cool” but yet, God knows exactly what He is up to? I had never really thought about drip that way, but I like it a lot. And take it, one step (drip) at a a time and you will get all those things accomplished and more. I had planned to do a podcast over 2 years ago, then got a book deal and it consumed my time… but it is me dripping along with God’s grace and His timing. Blessings.

    PS.. if you are looking for another place to link to on Thursday’s I would love if you would consider joining my linkup #TuneInThursday – it opens Thursday 3am PST and runs through Sunday night. you can find it at (Please feel free to delete the link if you think it inappropriate).

    • Hey Debbie, I’m so glad that you clicked over, I love the crew over at Holley’s. And congrats on the book deal. Most folks would welcome that any day over podcasting. 🙂

  14. We used to joke that my middle son was just like water dripping on a rock. He was so persistent, but usually got what he wanted, eventually. Drip is a good analogy!

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