Hair Foibles and Fantasies

There’s been a lot of glitz and glam going on in my home lately.  I’ve been coloring, highlighting, and trying new make-up.

I’m not sure if it was sparked by the arrival of spring – a time of year when people usually spruce-up something or another: like either you deep clean your carpets, wash your curtains, power wash your bricks or clean out the garage. Or, in my case, none of the above. :o)

I figure it’s either the “spring” thing or perhaps I’m having a mid 40’s crisis (I’m 45 this year – yowza!). Either way, I recently decided to color and cut my hair.  I’ve been toying with the notion of cutting my hair for at least 3 years now, which is about how long it takes me to work up the nerve.

Here’s my advice for anyone who’s been itching to cut their luscious locks but are not sure they’re ready to take the plunge: What ever you do, never, never, EVER, watch YouTube videos of the person whose hair cut inspires you. I know this firsthand because my inspiration was Julianne Hough’s cutie patootie, whispy hair cut…

julianne hough

So, after I googled a ton of her pics and watched several YouTube videos, I arose from my chair and immediately co-opted Angel (my very obedient, yet daring daughter) to cut my hair. “Mom, I’m not a professional, I can’t cut your hair,” she revolted.  “Angel, YES YOU CAN!  And if you don’t, I’ll do it my self!”

I couldn’t even find my hair cutting scissors, so I used our “every day” scissors…the ones we open up cardboard boxes with.  (Caution: This is highly inadvisable for anyone who want’s a precise haircut.)

Here I am standing in my bathroom mirror trying to execute the cut.  First, I chopped off the entire back, straight across.  If you look closely you can see Angel, my partner in crime, standing in the mirror to my right.

After cutting straight across, Angel cut up into the back of my hair because I wanted the back bobbed.  In this photo, the white clip is holding the front of my hair and only one side of the back has been cut on an angle.

tiff wiht cut hair - side view

Here’s the finished product…

Tiff with new hair cut 1

Sorry about the poor quality of the photo, but I love, love, love this cut!  I essentially left the length in the front (which was previously cut short) and cut about eight inches or so off of the back – and I couldn’t be happier!  I was standing in front of my bathroom mirror doing the hallelujah dance and thanking God for small victories!  For homemade haircut victories.  Everything about it felt so right.  Hello summer!

Seems I’m not the only one who caught the short hair bug.  My girlfriend, Jennifer, recently posted this pic to show off her new short hairdo…


Please pardon me while I have a short conversation with God…

Dear God,

Is it fair that this woman has taken a selfie that is worthy of the front cover of a magazine, and actually looks like it has been air brushed, yet it hasn’t, because it’s a CELL PHONE SELFIE!?  Lord, I’m so sorry for screaming, but why does my selfie, directly above hers, look so…BLAH?  My cut is awesome, too.  Why doesn’t it show? Why is her hair all glossy and shinny and perfect?  And those lips and teeth! Lord, I’m trying really hard, please help me.  Amen.

So, I immediately “liked” Jen’s picture and wrote her an awesome comment.  Then I asked her to message me what lipstick she’s wearing because I’ve been trying to figure out how to pull off that natural lip color look.  She messaged me right away, and even though I had previously brought about $400 in drug store makeup (slight over exaggeration there) I went back to Mac to try her look.  In short, it’s not for everyone.  I looked like Lady Gaga with those colors on. But thanks anyway, Jen!  I love (hate) you!  You gorgeous, perfect selfie taking fashion diva, you.  Love ya to bits!

Seriously now, Jen is my beautiful (at heart) sister in Christ and we go back really far.  I love her entire family.  Her dad is Alexis’ God father and he is a pretty sharp dude, himself.  Truth be told, her entire family is fashion forward. Here’s just one of her fabulous looks…

Jen's fashion

That bag, those shoes (boots?) the hair and nails!  She is my beautiful sister and I’ve since talked her into being my beauty consultant.  She can continue giving me pointers via Facebook messaging and I can continue to go out and try to duplicate her look and come home feeling completely dejected.

On second thought, I think I’ll keep working my semi-coordinated, mother-of-six look.  I like running around with half-done ponytails, Clorox stained sweats (which I ink out with colored sharpies) and any shoes that my older kids left behind when they moved out (such good shoes – why would they leave them?).  I happen to think this look semi-works for me. :o)

OK…this post is running really long, but I can’t close it out without sharing Autumn and Alexis’ new look.  They both recently had their hair professionally braided in anticipation for our summer vacation, so without further ado, here’s Autumn and Alexis at the salon – a work in progress…

Autumn and Alexis side by side having hair done at salon

(Alexis was a little miserable because she was tired of sitting.)

Here’s Autumn’s finished product…

Autumn Hair Square

Here’s my little Lexy Boo…

Lexi hair square

Both of the girls are really happy with the outcome.  Momma is happy, too.  It essentially means that I won’t be doing their hair for at least four weeks – or until child services knocks on my door for neglect of hair care.  (Can they do that?  I need to know.)

That’s enough hair adventures for now, but if you do anything daring or fashion forward this summer please post a comment to share.  I’d love to hear all about it!



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