Hot, Bothered and Itching to End the School Year

I got an email recently from a blogger who said that it was her kid’s last day of school (woo hoo!), so we can expect to hear way less from her over the summer considering that she’ll be with her kids all day, every day, until the fall.

As a homeschooling mom my life’s just the opposite – I’m with my kids all day, every day – so, for ten months of the year I struggle to find time to blog and during the summer months I’ll be able to post regularly – OR post and not neglect dusting (I never dust but it felt logical to say that); or not neglect caring for my girls hair (I sometimes wait so long that it starts to [dread] lock on its own (not really, but it may happen one day?).

As a homeschooling mom I sometimes wonder: When is MY time?  When an I ever NOT with my kids?  Yeah, I catch some “my time” breaks every now and again, but that doesn’t stop me from fantasizing about an alternate reality whenever our local charter school sends a sign-up letter for the girls.

I remember one particular year when I was a stay-at-home mom and my kids were in public school (because I was still working up the nerve to think that I could actually teach my kids at home).  In my heart of hearts I knew that God was calling our family to homeschool, yet again (we previously homeschooled our older kids) but I didn’t believe in myself – which is code for I didn’t want to ruin my kids.

During that year I was very active at my kid’s school but I still had ample amounts of MY time.  I enjoyed going to Starbucks at least once a week to sip my favorite calorie-laden beverage while catching up with my favorite bloggers.  Ahh…pure bliss I tell ya!

That is, UNTIL one day my husband confronted me and asked why the kids weren’t being homeschooled.

Up until then I may have been living a domestic fairy tale, but now my proverbial coach was about to turn into a pumpkin.  My stint of being at home while my kids were in school and having some semblance of balance between domestic chores, kid time and ME time was about to come to an end.

That’s why I have giveaways on this dang blog!  I believe that most moms are giving 110% and need to be treated a little extra special from time to time – because admit it, if your life is anything like mine you’re living on stolen mommy moments.  You know…like when your only opportunity to check email or social media is on the commode? And even when you’re sitting on the Great White Throne your children still hunt you down and bang on the door like cops just to tell you that their sibling is STARING at them.


In our home, I’ve had to adopt a no engaging mommy when she is in the lavatory policy.  That’s the “good day” version.  On a bad day, that translates into Back off or die!  Respect the toilet, man – it’s sacred.

Every day I read a blog where another homeschooling mom is celebrating her kids last day of school and kissing their official start of summer.  We’re not there yet, but trust me, I’m counting down the days to our official start of those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer.

What about you?  Are your kids done for the school year?  Do they still have a ways to go but you’ve already thrown in the towel?  Post a comment to share!

Hot, Bothered and Itching to End,


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