Pride & Prejudice, Makeup Confusion and Some Great You’ve Got Mail Movie Clips

Hi Friends!

I haven’t spoken to you in, like, forever.  Let’s catch-up!

Blogging Break

After posting like a nut during the week of Mother’s Day Mania, I checked out of cyberspace for a much needed blogging break.

And though I may have taken a blogging sabbatical, my days have been filled to the brim with extracurricular activities and field trips with our homeschool group.   Me and my girls are so afflicted with spring fever and itch to get out of the house so badly that even a field trip to a fast food restaurant would be welcomed!

Something New

Did you notice the new banner at the top of the web page?  I hope you like it!  I had the logo updated and changed the background photo.

welcome home bannerIt still displays a dreamy and warm backdrop of a home’s back porch (or front porch?), but the website name is larger and hopefully more prominent.  Next up is changing around a few colors on the page to match the new banner.   Until I do, my website may look like a crayon box, but please bear with me while it’s being tweaked. :o)

Look Mom, I Can Read!

pride and prejudiceI’m taking literary leaps and bounds and going where I’ve never gone before!  I’m launching into Jane Austin’s Pride and Prejudice beginning – last night.

I’ve heard so much about this book…mostly from one of my favorite movie characters: Kathleen Kelly (played by Meg Ryan) in You’ve Got Mail.  Meg’s character is in love with this book, and as such, my curiosity has been piqued and I can’t wait to meet Elizabeth Bennet, whom Meg’s character refers to as the heroin of the book.  (Yay me!)

So, I have this book in my hand…and it’s terribly intimidating!  I’ve only managed to read the back cover and I’ve barely understood that!  This book is 400 pages long and the print is so tiny.  (What gives?)   I’ll have to read it with a magnifying glass!  (Maybe it’s time to finally pick-up a pair of those reading glasses in the drug stores?)  Since I’ll be reading it on mommy time, and there are about 300+ words on each page (with no pictures – yikes! :o), I project finishing this book in…um… a year or so!  Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever read a novel.  AND I’M SO AFRAID!!!!!!!

Go to Starbucks, get a sense of self / Go to CVS and lose yourself

makeupThis is what life looks like when you try to pick and choose all your own colors and haven’t a clue what will work because you didn’t go to one of those makeup counters for a professional consultation.

Here’s a word of advice if you were thinking of going for a professional consultation: seek professional help during a time of year when all senior girls are not getting dolled up for the prom.  Seems everywhere I went today, all the chairs at the makeup counters were filled with 17 year old’s having a full make over, complete with false eye lashes.  So, I decided to head to Rite Aid because I heard they have a no hassle money back guarantee on all of their makeup.  Um…that might have been a mistake.

If you ever want to feel utterly clueless about making decisions in life, head straight to your nearest Walgreens, Rite-Aid, CVS or Duane Reade!  There was an entire wall about the length of a city street filled with about 60 different brands of makeup!  I struggled through lip stick vs. lip stain; liquid liner vs. liquid gel; and worst of all, I had to sift through a ton of deliberately deceitful mascara brands.  The branding for mascara is so deliberately deceitful and confusing.  Understand how one type differs from another is like deciphering encrypted computer code.

In the movie You’ve Got Mail, Tom Hanks said that Starbucks was a place where people with no decision making ability can go to get an absolutely defining sense of self for only the mere cost of a cup of coffee.  Conversely, the makeup isle at your local drug store is a place where people who need help go, but only lose their sense of self.   Stay away!  {Muahahaha!}

I’m jaded and scared.  Please forgive me. :o)

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend, everyone!



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  1. Great reading P&P! If you poop out and want to watch the movie version instead…(HEE HEE)…watch the BBC versions and NOT the one with Kiera Knightly!! BBC version is five parts but so worth it. But, do read, if you please…and have the time and patience.

    Love you, Tiff! Thanks for the amazing Mother’s Day prizes!!

    • Hi Alisa! So, you’ve read it?! And oh, my! I’ve already seen the one with Kiera Knightly! :o) Still, I’m looking forward to seeing the BBC version. Wonder how I’d do that…I’ll try Netflix and Thanks for cheering me on in this endeavor.

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