The Blessing of Having a Full House

Having all of my children home (less one) means that our Little House is full again.  Yippee!

This is the face of a full house…

First: Dad using the sink and Jon shaving beside him while Angel admires herself?

20141215_145746_resized - Copy

Next: Jon’s in the lead and Dad shaves to his left while Josiah provides commentary?


Last: Dad’s in the sink, Jon shaves behind him, Angel is just having fun, and yes, even Josiah was in there (see him slipping out?).

20141215_145740_resized - Copy

Did I tell you my bathroom is smaller than most gas stations?!

No, these are NOT a staged pictures.  It’s what it looks like when 7 people share one bathroom!  You may be shocked by these images but we are quite used to it.

This scenario used to drive me completely bonkers! Which is a light hearted way to say that I was completely discontented with our living arrangements; but I’ve grown over the years and have learned to be content (for the most part). :o)

When you’re living through a situation, you can’t always see the beauty that exists in it.  At one time, all I saw was a rundown home with inadequate space, too few bedrooms and ONE bathroom.  ONE!!! UGGH!  I hated the long wait just to potty and the super coordination it took for us all to get up and out at the same time; especially on Sunday mornings.

Well, eventually the kids grew up and branched out.  So, seeing the return of our over run and over utilized bathroom is a blessing that this momma cannot describe!

Who knew I’d ever long to return to the days when there’s not enough oxygen in the bathroom to support us all?!

Wishing you the fullness of family and joy this holiday season!


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