An Inaugural Family Night

He Skates!

Dad joined in our homeschool group’s weekly skate time.  Whatever activity the girls are doing (soccer, swimming, track and field) he tries to attend at least once.  This time he gets extra points for not just attending but braving the ice.  He lasted a whole 10 minutes on the ice, so it’s safe to say it was the easiest money the rink has ever made.

Arcading was more his style.  Once the skates were off  he had a blast gaming with the kids.



Snow, but not a snow day!



Today is snowed in our town.  The flakes were BIG and beautiful!  I tried to snap a picture of the beauty of an abundance of flakes falling, but apparently that can’t be captured…at least not on a cell phone.  We didn’t do school work today, but it wasn’t because of the snow.  Dad’s day off of work is Monday, so we are experimenting with schooling on Saturday to enjoy Monday’s with him.  So, far so good!  But I must admit that staying in school mode on a Saturday takes a bit of getting used to.

This is how my Saturday morning’s usually look…enjoying a cup of coffee in my pj’s, vegging out on multiple shows on the Food network. (That’s a remote in my hand.)

mom watching TV

But shifting “school” days is a small price to pay to enjoy the same day off with Dad! The girls spent their time crafting (Alexis) and creating furniture out of cardboard (Autumn).

An Inaugural Family Night

Tonight is our first family night – not ever – just with Autumn and Alexis.  That sounds completely terrible – that we’ve not done a family night with them.  But in our defense, my husband and I have had our share of family nights with the older kids (who are now 27, 21, 20, and 18).  There happens to be a 7 year gap between the 18 year old and Autumn, so we kind of gave up on some stuff.  (Hey, Man, we’re running out of steam!)  :o)  One day while I was carpooling, I overheard Autumn’s friend tell her about how wonderful her families’ family night was.  I knew what the outcome of that conversation was going to be.  So, we’ve since declared Monday night as our “Family Night”.  Autumn is completely psychotic about it: she has us on a count down and has the menu and activities all mapped out.  She’s actually driving me bonkers (but in the most loving way!).

Check out her well planned out set up with snacks and fruit…


The only person missing from this picture is me…so see ya!  🙂

What about you?  What activities does your family enjoy on family night.  I’d love a few more ideas.





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