Announcing Mother’s Day Mania! {& Giveaway}

Welcome to Mother’s Day Mania: a week long celebration of Motherhood and Friendship!

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This week I’ll be posting my best and my worst Mother’s Day ever, my highest and lowest points as a mom (I promise not to depress you), and I’ll have a special post on friendship!

Starting today on Welcome Home’s Facebook page I’m posting my favorite “Mommy throwback” pics and lots of other good stuff (so get over there and check it out!).  AND you can join in by posting your favorite “Mommy throwback” pics on Facebook or Instagram and tagging me at: #MothersDayMania! and @tiffiney_holmes, respectively.  (Yikes!!! I hope that works.)  🙂

Oh, and there’s an awesome Mother’s Day giveaway, too!  Drum roll, please…

The Giveaway!

Hey Mom!  Because you only get quiet-time when you lock yourself in the bathroom. Because the color in your hair is really Play-doh.  Because the stain on your shirt is your kid’s puke – from a week ago!  Because your baby boy peed in your face (it’s happened to all of us AT LEAST ten times)…

Because YOU NEED a BREAK today!

I’m giving away this awesome Mother’s Day bundle to sayThank YouMOM for all you do.

Welcome Home 2015 Mother's Day Giveway Bundle

Bundle Description:

DVD: Mom’s Night Out…because you need a mom’s night out, if only in your living room! 

Book: Women are Scary: The Totally Awkward Adventure of Finding Mom Friends by Melanie Dale.  This book is hilarious and unique!  You’ll never look at “momlationships” the same again.  

Daily Devotional: A Mom After God’s Own Heart by Elizabeth George (w/journal!).  I do not own this devo but anything by Elizabeth George is legit and packed with wisdom.   

Mug: I’m a Mom…What’s your superpower?  Because I have a mug fetish; and seriously, you can’t have enough mugs.

$10 Starbucks Gift Card.  Take a mom friend on a coffee date?  (Melanie’s book will tell you how and why.)

To Enter

Just answer the following question in the Comments section of this post (not on Facebook please).

“What is your fondest Mother’s Day Memory?”

Just shout out the answer and you’re entered to win!

The Rules

One entry per person, please.  (You don’t have to be a mom to enter this giveaway.  Win it for someone you love (or keep it for yourself!).  

Winner Announced

The winner will be randomly selected on Wednesday @ 3pm!  I will announce the winner on the blog on Thursday.

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It’s going to be an awesome week!

xoxo Tiffiney


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  1. Oh my! Not a favorite, but very funny Mother’s Day Story! I’ll be very brief. Not a saved story! When I was the only saved person in my family (in my twenties) I wanted to spend Mother’s Day with my Mom and Grandma. I asked Mom what she was doing for Mother’s Day. She replied she was taking Grandma to a show. I wanted to go with them, so I asked if I could come. LOOOONG story short…It was a DRAG show! I thought my eyes would melt in their sockets and I was beyond blushing. I was WHITE!!! Like I had died!! I was mortified! And my Grandmother was there! (Don’t ask me why my Mother chose this for Mother’s Day! )
    Anyway, after the lights went up, I looked at my Grandmother, and my Mom and back at my Grandmother MORTIFIED!! No one spoke for a few seconds! Then, Grandma slammed her hand on the table really hard and said, “Well, NOW I can die!! NOW I’ve seen everything!!!” You gotta hand it to Grandma!!! She was hysterically funny!!! (Ok. Sorry. Not a saved story. But really funny!)

    • PS My Mom accepted Jesus Christ as her personal Lord and Savior just a couple of years later! Grandma lived over TWENTY years past that time, and I have the hope that she too will be with us in Heaven!! Praise GOD! Ps 118:1

    • Thanks so much for sharing that, Alisa! Your grandmother was a hoot! Thank God that we all have these unique little stories that remind us of the beauty of Mother’s Day. You say it’s not a “saved” story, but it’s YOUR story so God was writing it. So glad you shared!

  2. My fondest memory was going to the store with my dad to get my mom a gift! I loved making her smile. I remember just being together as a family for Mother’s Day because that’s all that my mom wanted.

    • That’s a really sweet memory, Kristin. I hope my girls (and sons) have memories like that when they grow up!

  3. Tiffiney,
    You are a perpetual blessing in the body of Christ!! You are an encourager! I am so glad you started this blog. I was just telling the kids today how the Lord is using you!!
    zLove in Jesus,

      • I love you, too, Tiff!
        Actually, my favorite Mother’s Day memory involved a very special brother in the Lord who was a mentor to David and me in our walk with God! He went home to be with the Lord two years after this story (in his upper 40’s) so this memory is precious to us!
        My very first Mother’s Day as a Mom, I wasn’t even thinking of Mother’s Day! I woke up exhausted, struggling with breastfeedings, when I got a phone call from brother Guy, “Hi Bubbie!”, he said. “Hi Guy”! “Happy Mother’s Day!” Me, “Aww Thanks!” Guy, “I’ve got something for ya!” Me: “Guy!” Guy: “I’ll be over in a few mintues”! Now, I looked like a messed up Breast feeding MOM! This was NO TIME for a male friend to come and see me. So, I stuttered, “Guy, I just woke up!” Guy, “Don’t worry about it Bubbie! You don’t even need to open the door! You don’t have to even come out! I’ll leave it by the door and when I am about ten minutes away in my car, I’ll call you and you can come out and get it.” So, surely enough, about twenty minutes later, I got the phone call saying I could go outside. “Happy Mother’s Day, Bubbie! Jesus loves you and so do I!” I went to the door and found Guy had made me (and David) Twelve of the biggest, most delicious pieces of French Toast, including the biggest, sweetest strawberries still on the vine, that I have ever seen. (And they looked like hearts!) Guy did what a Father would have done for his daughter…and HE did it as from my HEAVENLY FATHER for my very first Mother’s Day!! Being that Guy went home to be with the Lord just two short years later, I cherish this memory, and the love of my dear Older Brother in the Lord for me!!

        • PS Guy lived in Long Island and he worked in Long Island. He made us breakfast and drove all that way to drop it off and had to head back to the Island for work!

          • There was nothing unkosher about it! It was pure, Godly love! He was a Jewish believer, too, and he mentored David and I.

        • Wow, Alisa! This was such an amazing display of God’s love! What an example this dear brother was, not only to you and Dave, but now, to us all. That was certainly an interesting twist on Mother’s Day. Thanks so much for sharing that story! May we all be inspired to live out our faith for Christ just as your dear brother Guy did. Love you bunches!

          • sniff sniff sniff! I am proud to honor him in HIS love and life for God!! He was the only man who gave the biggest but most platonic hugs! People used to say I was a “female” version of Guy! We both would smile all the time, and were like Loving Giants…just giving big bounding puppy hugs! I look forward to one of his bear hugs in heaven!!

  4. I don’t get to hangout at church with my mom much because we attend separate churches. So the Mother’s day she attended church with me was pretty special.

  5. Thanks, Tiffiney, for including Women Are Scary in your giveaway! I hope it gives a much-needed gut laugh to the mama who wins and some ideas for developing these crazy important momlationships. Happy Mother’s Day, everybody.

    • Hey Melanie! Welcome to the party! (I’m pretty manic this week – it’s Mother’s Day Mania!) I’m so happy to be offering a copy of your book. I know other mom’s will enjoy it, too. Thanks for being brave enough to share your life with us and write it! Happy Mother’s Day to you, too!

    • Melanie,
      I’ve heard that I have the prodigious honor of winning your book and all the other goodies!! Yea!!! Praise the Lord!! Yes, I am sure that I will laugh a lot while reading your book, just given the title! (If you read my comments, you can be sure your book is going into good hands!!) LOL!

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