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Easter’s Coming!

What do your Easter preparations look like?

I took Autumn to the orthopedic yesterday and the nurse who was checking her height and weight cheerfully looked at her and asked, ”Do you have your Easter dress yet?”  Autumn smiled politely and sort of looked at me as if to say: Mom – Easter dress?

I told the nurse that we hadn’t gotten our Easter dresses yet, but what I should have told her is that I don’t even bother to buy Easter outfits.

Here’s a picture of my boys (far left and far right) in matching outfits on Easter Sunday, like a hundred years ago…

easter sunday

The only reason they have a matching outfit on at all is because my dear Aunt Barbara, before her passing, was emphatic about dressing up the kids on Easter Sunday.

When I was raising Ashley as a teen mom, Aunt Barbara would have impassioned discussions with my mom (Ashely’s Gma) about why she had not bothered to purchase a frilly, pastel colored dress just for Easter Sunday.  My mom didn’t understand why a special dress for Easter was necessary when Ashley already had a closet full of dresses.

Aunt Barb would also buy all the kids Easter baskets for the kids, like the ones you find in Rite Aid, Walgreens and CVS.  They are full of pastel colored grass, Easter eggs, candy and either a cute, little stuffed animal for girls or a basketball or football for boys.

I miss those days.

I do miss the cute little dresses and the “little man” suits.  I miss the thrill of shopping for the white or cream colored patent leather shoes for girls and the black shoes for my little guys.  It was probably the only day of the year that my guys wore bow-ties.  And don’t forget the little white handbag for the girls, or the gloves, or the brightly colored bow or head band to go in their hair.

I haven’t colored an Easter egg in a l.o.n.g. .t.i.m.e.

Is that a bad thing?

I still have two little girls who would most definitely enjoy that, but it’s not something I think to do anymore.  I colored a ton of eggs when my older (now mostly grown) kids were little tikes.  Everything’s slowing down now.  Those were like the “wonder years” of parenting.  Maybe I need to get back to some of that?

So, what about you?

What do you do that’s special for Easter?

Are you making hot cross buns?  (I don’t understand a lot about this, but someone asked me in church last week if I was making them.)

Are you decorating the front of your home?  (I usually decorate the front of my home every Easter.  I tend to mix the sacred and the secular: I have cute little bunnies, pastel colored eggs and grass and a sign that hangs in my window that says “He is Risen” which hangs over a lighted cross.  It’s a beautiful display, but I haven’t done it yet this year.  I hope to get it up by Good Friday.

Do you wear ashes on your forehead?

Do you have a special time of Bible reading with the kids to prepare their hearts for Easter?

Do you observe Lent?

Are you cooking a ton of food and having family over?

Are you going to Good Friday service at church?

Did you get palm this past Sunday and tie it into the cross and proudly display it in your home?

Well, the only thing I’ve done so far to even remotely remind myself that we are in Holy Week and celebrating perhaps the most significant event in Christianity, was to change my Facebook cover photo.

Happy Holy Week, Everyone!

Tiffiney xoxoxo

Join the conversation: comment on Facebook or below to share what’s happening in your home this Easter.



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