Goodbye School Year. Hello Summer!

I’m finally closing out the school year.  Finally!

Goodbye school year 2014-2015.  Goodbye 2nd and 5th grade.  I won’t cry because you’re gone.  (At least not now, but definitely when the kids are almost grown and leaving the house. Then I’ll lament the past; but today, I’m throwing a party!)

Hello Darling Summer!  **Smooches**  Hello summer track meets and lazy days at the neighborhood pool and endless play time and bike riding at the park.  Where have you been all my life?  (Or at least for the past 10 months?)

Let me be clear: Two months is just NOT enough time to do nothing.  Not enough time to detox from the school year.  Not enough time to cast off morning alarms and semi-rigid morning schedules. Not enough time to decompress from doing “school” until my eyes cross in my head.  But it will have to do. :o)

We actually officially ended our school year last week.  What helped to make it official was our homeschool groups’ annual Field Day, held at a neighborhood park at the end of every school year.  Most of the families in our group come out to let their hair down and have some fun in the sun, spread picnic blankets and enjoy some great fellowship.

Group shot

Here’s some of our the moms and their little darlings…

Ladies #1

Here are some more lovelies…

Ladies #2

And, of course, the dear ol’ dads – where would we be without them? – (those who work nights or have flexible job schedules)…


Those awesome dads; they never fail to spearhead pick-up games of soccer and dodge ball.  Like these…

Go Poppa Jay!

Soccer - Jay

Go Mal! (Jamal – my dear hubby in the blue shirt)…

Soccer -Jamal

Go kids! (Show the dads what your working with!)

soccer - kids

Here, some of our older teens practice their soccer skills and, um, play the ukulele; because of course we need entertainment, too!


Here’s another bunch of sweet teens…

Younger Teens

I belong to an amazing homeschool group!  They happen to be the wind beneath my wings, and provide emotional oxygen when I’m hyperventilating from feeling like a homeschool failure!  Knowing them is literally like having a “great cloud of witnesses” cheer me on, school wise (and every other wise), from this side of the cross.  I love ’em to bits!

I think our entire group must be exhaling now: breathing in the delicious start of summer and breathing out the previous years accomplishments, victories, daily grind and, yes, stress.

Now, if you’ll please excuse me…I have about 10 weeks of serenity until the start of the next school year and I don’t want to waste a second!

Summer Lovin’,


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  1. Sorry. iPhones don’t edit well and don’t let me see my text as I am writing. Whoops! I get a “D”. Oh well. Grade my writing NEXT SEPTEMBER!

  2. I love you, Tiffiney! You are an amazing sister, and your write beautifully!! You are soon on your way to become my new favorite writer— so fluid, so spunky, so joyful and so you!! Your prose is kicking!!
    Love this blog!! Keep it up!!
    So glad you started it!!
    God bless!! See you over the summer, Lord willing!

    • Alisa! I love you, too!! You are such an encourager! Your enthusiasm is completely contagious, and I hope infectious. (Ha ha!) :o) Thank you for being so gracious.

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