Why Every Wife Should Have Husband Envy (+ Video)

Just so you know, I want to be just like my husband when I grow up!  Yes, I have husband envy.  And you (mom) should too, here’s why…

There are some noticeable differences between Us and Them . . . between Husbands and Wives . . . between Moms and Dads.  Even the contemporary adage: Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus pays homage to this thought – and in this post I noted how it’s especially true at the playground.

But here’s another great case in point . . .

On Valentine’s Day I decided I couldn’t wash another dish!  We don’t have a dishwasher in my home (apparently, I am a human dishwasher); and after washing a boat-load of dishes I decided to play my “Honey, the love of your life is fatigued, would you be a romantic and finish-up the dishes?” card.  (Tell me I’m not the only one with a stash of those cards.)

I was being such a naughty girl.  I mean, I really shouldn’t have asked him because he was doing his own “Man” stuff, like Netflix-ing his favorite TV series.  But I did; and when he finally realized that he couldn’t say no without appearing to be an unromantic husband (thank you Valentine’s Day!) he gave in.  (YES!  Score 1 for the Mrs.!)

Since I was free of the dishes I ran an errand, and when I returned, I saw this . . .

Husband washing dishes and watching TV

The woman in me was speechless.  My inner mom was was in disbelief.  The wife in me was shocked!  How is it possible to wash dishes and watch “TV” (with cellphone virtually in hand) at the same time?

Even if it’s possible, like why would you do that?  I mean, who does that?  Dude, where is your “pause” button?

Survey says:::THE MEN!  Ding.  Score board says:::100!

This got me to thinking about how life is soooo good for men and about the differences between us and them.  About how care free they are . . . and why I might have just a tad bit of husband envy going on.

Men are not wired like us ladies; they have an “Hakuna Matata” outlook on life: it means “No worries for the rest of your days.”  (Think The Lion King.)

They send the kids to school in pajamas.

They mix plaid and stripes.

They let the kids stay up late and eat TV dinners for supper.

And they’re brave, too!  They sleep in caves.  They voluntarily step on water bugs.  (Eww!) They will attempt to crush a mouse with their fist!!!! (Don’t ask me how I know this.)

A man’s idea of pest control . . .

Man with foot on squirrel

I think it’s settled: we wives are way too uptight and because of that, the men are going to outlive us – by like, a gazillion years!

We need to be more like them.  We need to be all hakuna matata about life, too.  It’ll be a win-win for us: we’ll have fewer gray hairs and less wrinkles – which translates into less hair dye and Botox treatments.  What a bonus!

When I recently shared all the little things men really want for Valentine’s Day, I should have included the right to wash dishes and watch TV simultaneously – and not be nagged by your wife.

My husband and I have this ongoing joke where he’ll ask me what I want to be when I grow-up.  Then I usually say a plumber or a waste management specialist – and then we both crack up – because we’re corny and aging.  But I’m going to start responding that I want to be just like him when I grow-up, because the men really know how to live!

**Holla Back, Ladies!**Do you ever have husband envy?  What funny, odd or unbelievable things has your husband done. Post a comment below to share.


Trust me, you want to see this video.  It’s laugh out loud funny!  Trade 107 seconds of your life for some laughter. You won’t regret it.  (Don’t worry guys, there’s a Mommy Fails version, too.)

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  1. I’m dying! This is hysterical— it could have been written about my husband EXACTLY! It’s my spotlight for 100 Happy Days tomorrow!!! Thanks for linking up 🙂

    • Hey Kate! That’s crazy cool! I’m so excited to be featured! And I’m so glad you enjoyed the post. I recently stopped by a creative whim and read your post on 5 tips to blogging. I really enjoyed it! A writers desk in the playroom…Blogging in the bathroom and stolen moments in the car … Yes, that’s a mom’s life!


  2. Tiffiney, I love this! So much truth. The picture of the squirrel is fantastic! Lighten up! Yes, there are so many areas where we could all be blessed by simply having more fun. Blessings!!

    • Hey Jaime: it’s always fun hanging out at your linkup party. (Woot! Woot!) See ya this week! :o)

  3. Tiffiney, this was so funny and brought back so many memories of when our kids were small. My husband offered to watch them for me to go out one day. I didn’t realize he came home with a box of pop-cycles and candy for the occasion. When one of them came to him, he give them a treat to occupy them while he continued his work. I couldn’t believe it when I came home and saw how he watched the kids! But, I have to say, they all had fun and he got some work done to boot.

    • Hey Debbie! So many mom’s have shared the funniest stories about their husband watching the kids – just like you! God bless those men. They are destined to live a really long “don’t sweat the small stuff” life. :o) Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. Please come again!

  4. You are hilarious!!!!!!! Ok, yea, I have a stack of those cards too. My husband is sooo laid back too. We balance each other perfectly because I’m like a cracra squirrel on crack and run around like a mad women. Case in point, when trying to get everyone and everything loaded up to leave the house the other day, I asked him, are you ready are you ready? We’ve got to leave in like 15 minutes! He said he’d be ready to stop worrying. So he’s helping me get the kids dressed and ready and I’m fixing my hair, put on jewelry, get snacks etc. He still wastn’ ready minutes before we needed to leave and I start freaking out on him and he still was able to get shoes on the kids and herd them to the car in that 5 minutes and then I took another 10 minutes to get out the door because I was so hyped up I kept forgetting stuff to bring with us! SIGH! How does he do it?!

    • Hey Cindy! You are hilarious yourself! A cracra squirrel on crack? Oh, my! Too funny.

      Yes, it’s so interesting how we balance each other out…us and them. :o) Glad you liked the article. Thanks for stopping by, and please come again!

  5. Hi! Neighboring with you on Truth and Grace. What a good article. Truth is truth. Grace is grace. And you got it. Let us all be like a husbands…..but, if we did then who would get anything done? Guess I need more help that I thought. Forty years married will do this to you. lol

    • Hey Christine! Yes, this topic can have our heads spinning as wives. We can definitely learn to lighten up like our husbands, but we still have to be task oriented. Somebody, please help us!:o)

      Thanks for stopping by. And please come again soon!

  6. So very funny! At least I know I’m married to a normal guy now. And that asking where something is when you KNOW it’s right there in front of them…yep all the time. But I do love how my husband can just fall asleep anywhere…even in a mess…even with a ton of stuff to do still! Man, I need a nap, lol!

    • Hey Val! No, you are NOT alone. My husband can sleep through anything, too. These guys really have the market cornered on not sweating the small stuff. Oh, to be more like them! Thanks for stopping by. :o)

  7. Haha! You made me laugh out loud with this one! I love it so much because I am definitely jealous at times of how laid-back my husband is. He is just awesome like that! And, because he is so calm, he is usually able to help me to calm down too when I’m upset about something. I think it’s fantastic that your husband found a way to wash the dishes and watch some TV at the same time. We should definitely take a page from their book and just relax sometimes! 🙂

    • Hey Bree! You pointed out something your husband does that is completely awesome – which is calm you down when you’re too wound-up. My husband does the same thing too. :o) Thanks to our heavenly Father that these guys are not wired just like us!:o)

      So glad you got a good laugh. Please stop back by for some more. :o)

  8. I definitely have husband envy now! Maybe I’ll feed the kids ice cream for dinner and let them unfold the 500 blankets I just put away in their closets so they can make forts. That should get rid of that envy, right? =) I enjoyed this post! I’m so glad I stopped by today. Thanks for the encouragement!

    • Oh my gosh, Alisa! You are cracking me up with that comment. So funny…unfold 500 blankets to make forts? Yes! That’s exactly what we’re talking about. Maybe you should have written this post?

      Lord, help us wives, please! (Sincere prayer.) We are way too uptight for our own good – but it feels so right. :o)

      Come back soon, Alisa!

  9. I love this! You really hit the nail on the head about the Hakuna Matata view towards life men have. And yes, I wish I could just relax like that! Husbands don’t have dad guilt like we have mom guilt. They make relaxing and enjoying a favorite leisure activity a priority and they don’t feel the need to defend themselves for doing so. Ah, yes, that would be refreshing! Men have that special ability to just turn off all other concerns and be focused on one thing. So at work, it’s all business but at home forget about work and relax for a bit. Whereas I’m always “on”. There’s always something I should be doing and I can’t ever completely forget that. Thanks for the fun post!

    • Hey Dana!

      If I could bottle that “thing” that makes husbands able to just be in the moment, and tune out everything else, I’d be one rich momma! :o) I guess the Lord gave men and women unique skill sets (which really complement one another). We women are such multi-taskers – sometimes to our own detriment! We can all work on the Hakuna Matata a bit more.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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