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“Apple World!”

This past Saturday, my family and I went apple picking at Masker Orchards in Warwick, NY.

Our trip was a lot of fun but the ride was way long: a planned two-hour ride turned into a two-and-a-half to three-hour ride.

Here’s what that translates into:

One down…

Lexy sleeps

Another one down…

Josiah sleeps

Apparently, John’s just too cool to sleep, or to take pictures…

"Not today, Mom."

(John came to  me at 11pm the night before and emphatically stated that he was NOT going apple picking.  “Mom, I’m too old now for apple picking,” he stated.  I told him to shut-up and go to bed without hesitation.  What?  I was watching the news and he had been trying to wear me down the entire day.  You don’t say things like that?)

The views driving up were quite lovely…

Beautiful fall colored trees.

There was only one main road that led to Masker which Hubby pointed out via the GPS…

One road?

I just had to take a picture because being from a bustling city, I’m not used to seeing one road pictured on a GPS.  It sort of gave me an eerie feeling:  “You mean there are no other roads around?  What if…”

Then, eventually, we finally arrived.

Welcome to Masker's Orchards

Autumn had her first pony ride…

So did Lexy…

Even Angel tried her hand at it…

Mom, am I too old for this?

Lexy had her face painted…


Autumn too…

Somewhere over the...

Say "Cheese!"

Finding a family activity that excites my teens AND my tots is not an easy thing to do.

Here’s an example of what I mean:

Mom: “Okay everyone, come over here for this photo op.”

John: “What?!  Mom, I’m way too old for this.”

Josiah: “This better not end up on your website.”

Angel: “My brothers are so dumb…I’m simply not going to put my head all the way into the hole.”

Mom: “Get over here an take this picture of your grounded for life!”

Teens: "Cheese. I hate my life."

Autumn and Lexy:  “Yay!  I love my life!  I love apple picking!”

But eventually, even the teens came around.

Here they are trying to balance on a wet log…

Whoa! Slippery.

The headless wonder tries again

Apple, anyone?

Even though the orchard was teeming with apples, my teens had other things in mind.

For instance, they thought it would be interesting to:

See how far they can throw an apple…

Good throw, John.

Angel has a limp wrist.

Throw apples at their siblings…

“Please watch your brother’s head!  On second thought, find your inner Jackie Robinson, son!”

Play baseball with apples…

Siah's batting with a long, thin twig.

Even dad joins in with his twig.

Now it’s time to see who can catch popcorn with their mouth…

Close, but no cigar.

Another failed attempt.

“Come on guys, were supposed to be picking apples here.”

At least Autumn’s got the right idea…

She said there were so many apples that she called it “Apple  World.”

Wow!  A whole bag full!  Correction: make that a hat full!

This tree with it’s broken-off stump was just beautiful!

A photo to remember a fun day for EVERYONE.  (I told them so.)

Here’s the link to Masker Orchards in case you’d like to visit.

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