Surprise S-U-R-P-R-I-S-E!

Hi Everyone!


Here’s a video clip from my Fabulous Forty “70’s” birthday party…

Fab at 40! from Tiffiney Holmes on Vimeo.


Yes, those scoundrels and hooligans got me good!

As promised, I intend to spill the beans about those dastardly do-gooders who were present at my Awesome and Never-to-be Forgotten, Fabulous Forty surprise birthday party. None will be spared, I assure you!

Chief among the scoundrels and scallywags was this bunch…

My husband, Jamal – whom shall henceforth be called “Hubby” and not “the evil one” (note the small “e” on evil) so that I may have a place to lay my head tonight – consorted with my “Bestest, Best Friend” ever (pictured below) – who would remain nameless IF it were my intent not to shame her; but since it’s my intent to expose her shameful ways to the world, her name is SHADELL.

Don’t let her happy, seemingly loving and playful face fool you.  She’s quite a trickster!

And yes, even though I didn’t mention my eldest daughter, Ashley, pictured above with Hubby, she had quite a hand in the shenanigans, too.

More rotten scoundrels in the Cast of Characters include…

Patricia, aka Pat, my good friend and sneaky neighbor – who made a mean yellow rice – so I may forgive her.

My father, of all people!

These two wanna-be Supremes – Marcia (left) and Habiybah, her daughter.

Bill (the Youth Pastor at my church) and Kelly, his beautiful really ugly wife, whom through espionage was able to capture the surprise video.

Hubby’s Aunt, Helena.

X-family friend, Pastor Vuma (left), who conspired with my used-to-be-daughter, Ashley, on a trip to Party City to pick up the party goods and cake.  Along with Brother William.

Hey!  How’d Basil get in there?  It appears this fiendish K-9 was part of the conspiracy, too!

Ashley (who’s involvement was so intense it bears repeating her name more than once) and her vey tall and handsome boyfriend, J.R.

My boys, with their best friend Carrell (also Pat’s son, on the far left) who shall all be exhumed of charges due to their exceeding handsomeness and yummyness.

(Notice the 40’s pin on my top?  It lights-up when pressed.)

And a whole bunch of children whom shall remain nameless to protect their youthful identities (but trust me, there’s no innocence here).

Some characters managed to escape without having their mug-shots taken.  They are:

  1. My Pastor, aka P.J., and his wife, Maggie
  2. Michelle and Joseph – my excellent friends from a former church.  I love — I mean — I hate you both!
  3. Julie, my X-sister in the Lord
  4. Manny – the worship leader at my church
  5. Sharnae – Hubby’s younger cousin
  6. Troy and Alexis – husband-wife duo – part friend, part family
  7. Yasmin – my girlfriend from high school  (I never did like her)
  8. Brother Michael – the Associate Pastor at my church who always comes and jumps right on the grill

If it weren’t for the fact that I had such an amazing time, I would never forgive the above mentioned characters, hooligans, scoundrels, scallywags, and assorted villains.

If it weren’t for the fact that said criminals did the electric slide with me, danced a soul-train line with me, and allowed me to be center stage all night – exposing all of my attention deficit issues – I would absolutely, positively never forgive them!

Note: my Pastor did not dance and would want you to know that.  He actually took off just as I was launching into my Diana Ross at the Apollo performance.  He would also want you to know that he didn’t leave because there was dancing (even so, I didn’t “pop, lock and drop it” as they would say – I was just doing the “two-step,” which is a famed dance for people forty and over which made the kids laugh at me to no end), he left due to a previous obligation.  Smart man!

I think I told you this before – but “Forty” is definitely not the new “Thirty,”  it’s better!


Thanks Mal!

Let’s see if you can top this when I’m 80!


Let’s flourish in family life together!

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  1. This surprise party was a lot of fun. All my family and my best friend Carrell was there, and J.R. took everybody to the movies afterward. and then all the kids slept over my house. this was the best surprise party yet. you all should have seen my mom dancing thou it was funny that she was trying to do kids dances at her 40th birthday party u have to be at least 20 and under to do the 2 step!!

    • you silly goose! the two step is a dance that people 40 and over do, not the other way around. but thanks for commenting, son!

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