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Warning: Grumpy Mom Alert {Honey, Don’t Bother Me! Please}


Do you ever experience this…

WHY IS IT…that when I desperately need some down time after being out of the home all morning with the kids AND I’m trying to decompress while sitting in my favorite chair, eating an ice cream pop and watching one of my favorite shows, my husband thinks it’s the perfect time to gripe about not having cell phone service?


Here’s the play by play…

Hubby makes a statement…it doesn’t really matter what he says…the problem is that words are coming out of his mouth.

I shot him one good look which implied…Mal, not now.

He then looked at me in disbelief, as if to say…Oh no she didn’t!

I saw the un-approving look on his face and I sat their thinking…Gosh! Can I just have a moment?

No kidding.  I probably had a bad attitude, but…um…I don’t know what to say in my defense.  I was on my last leg emotionally; I had no mental juice left.

I thought I’d take a preemptive strike to avoid an emotional nuclear meltdown between us both – so I said to him, “Mal, I’m desperately trying to have a MOMENT.  I’m watching one of my favorite shows (which is only 21 minutes long), while eating and sitting in my rocking chair.  NOW is not the time to gripe to me about our horrible cell phone service!”

Is it just me?

Am I the only person who needs to NOT be engaged at certain times during the day?   I’m not talking about every day, just maybe once or twice a week.

Am I the only mommy who fakes not hearing her kids?



How was the poor guy supposed to know that I was in the zone…the Twilight Zone!

I’ve been thinking that I could wear something distinctive on my head to alert my dear family that I’m in the zone and trying to avoid an emotional meltdown…like a bandanna or bunny ears!  Anything that would convey to my loved ones that Mommy is having a much needed moment and is NOT to be disturbed…UNLESS they want to be zapped by my piercing laser eyes.


Happy Thursday, everyone!

Tiffiney xoxoxo

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