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A Tale of Two Families at the Ripley’s Aquarium

After arriving in Toronto, Canada late Saturday night, Sunday was our fist full day of adventure!

Ashley was busy at work preparing breakfast for us all and Angel and I jumped in the kitchen to help give her a hand. I love being in Ashley’s kitchen.  Looking in all of her cabinets and seeing her unique style and tastes, and how my own home has influenced her choices.

At one point, we both looked in her fridge and she showed me what food she brought for our week together.  Then we both sighed, because neither of us could hardly believe that my little girl was all grown up now and shopping for her family’s visit.  I was so excited and intrigued that I took a picture of her in HER OWN fridge…


That may be mildly weird.

Angel and I started dicing peppers and onions and assisting in anyway that we could.  I was so happy to be cooking with my daughter in her kitchen.  While assisting her, she started to give me instruction on how to properly cook eggs.  Wow!  I can cook eggs.  I taught her how to cook eggs.  Now she needs to council me?  That was such an interesting dynamic.  It was so funny, actually.  We both laughed as I pointed out hat she was actually trying to school me on how to scramble eggs!  You know what?  She even sounded like me when she was “instructing” me.  🙂


While we were all running around her apartment multi-using her bathroom and the guest bathroom, her husband was hiding under the covers.  I’d say that’s an appropriate reaction when your mother-in-law periodically pops in your bedroom under the pretense of looking for dental floss and snaps pictures of you. 🙂 (If you look closely to the right of this picture, you can actually see a person whizzing by, making a run for his bathroom).

We quickly got dressed and headed off to visit Ashley and JR’s church.  It was great visiting a new church and seeing how other people experience worship.  It’s quite refreshing!


The message was about encouraging us as believers to be salt and light (Matthew 5:13-16). Again, nice hearing God’s word delivered in a fresh and new way.  Here’s our family selfie from the balcony.  (I tried to pull off the selfie but couldn’t manage it – not with this many people, or even with my ridiculously long arm – so, of course, the teenager stepped in and made it happen!


After church, we quickly headed home because we were expecting to spend the rest of the day with Scott’s family. Scott is Angel’s “special” friend from Bible School.  He lives in Canada and his family drove three hours to meet us.

Here they are having an awkward moment, trying to act “normal” while I’m taking pictures.  I call this picture: Looking at the phone and the wall to avoid the crazy lady who is taking pictures.


Here they are finally loosening up…


Here’s Angel having a playful moment with Scott.  I asked them both to “say cheese” and you can see what happened.


Here we are traveling to the Ripley’s Museum in Toronto, Canada.  We traveled in three cars. (Scott’s parents are in the back seat.)


The views of the sea creatures at Ripley’s were truly stunning and amazing!

20150315_172135 20150315_172227

We actually walked through a “tunnel” of sorts where the sea creatures were on our left and right and above us.  Yes, that’s water above our heads.


The aquarium provided the most amazing backdrops for our treasured photo ops. (Don’t ask me what Alexis was thinking in this picture; at least her hair looks good.)  🙂


Again, here’s Angel bringing on the personality in her pics with Scott.  She’s anything but camera shy and he prefers not to take pictures.  Hey, they say opposites attract!

Angel and Scott Angel Plays

We finished our evening with Scott’s family at the Mandarin restaurant, which had the largest buffet selection I’ve ever seen.  To say that we were all ate till our stomachs were content would be putting it mildly.

In the end, I enjoyed a day in another country (a first for me), at my daughter and son-in-law’s HOME (another first), meeting potential in laws (yet, another first – at least for that child!).  It was a truly amazing day!

Tiffiney xoxoxo



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