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Hi Friends!

I hope your summer is off to a rip-roaring start!  Even if it’s only off to a faint fizzle, there’s still about six weeks of summer (school break) left to make up for it.  (It’s all perspective…the glass is half-full…right?)

I been working on a new page for this website titled The Truth About This Website.  I placed it right under the “Meet Tiffiney” page to give it great visibility.  I think the message is that important.

In it, I share some thoughts that have been on my heart about how we tend to romanticize what’s happening in other peoples lives, and how some people may interpret what’s happening in my life simply because I have a website that seeks to encourage women in their home-life.

Here’s a snippet…

On my “Meet Tiffiney” page, I wrote that “I am having the time of my life as a wife and mom.” And while that’s true, that statement needs some clarification, as it may give some people the impression that my home-life is pure bliss and conflict-free; and that’s certainly not the case.

So what does it mean?

While “Having the time of my life as a wife and mom” does mean that I am enjoying my role as a wife and mom, more specifically, it means that I can see a way out of despair – when it arises.

Once upon a time I couldn’t see my way out.

I was having a very difficult time in my marriage and I thought the answer to my pain was to escape it.

Now I don’t.

I think what’s written in this “Truth” page is an important perspective to have as we consider anyone else’s life.  Click here to read the page in it’s entirety.

Have a great weekend!


Let’s flourish in family life together!

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