Father’s Day Blessings

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I’ve been quiet for a while. Truth be told, I’ve been enjoying going to bed early in an effort to rise early (about 6:30ish) to protect my quiet time with the Lord.  I was really scrubbing in that department – the quiet time department – so, I’m trying to turn over a new leaf.  So far, mostly good!  (And my kids haven’t complained about my constant keyboarding.)

I’ve never been one to be a stickler about having quiet time in the morning, but the early morning model is really proving to be effective in my life – at least for right now! :o) Seems that when I don’t push to meet with the Lord before the house awakens, the opportunity really doesn’t come around again.

Father’s Day Blessings

Today, in these great states of America, we celebrated our Dads.


In our home, we always start the day off with a family breakfast.  I’m a big balloon person.  (I don’t feel like I’ve been properly celebrated if no one gave me balloons.)  So, I decorated the breakfast table with a bouquet of happy balloons and dressed up the table more than we usually do.  (I brought out the good, long stem glasses and used cloth napkins, man!)

I made a pretty simple breakfast – blueberry pancakes with some sides and adorned the table with gifts from all the kids in our family.  I want my hubby to feel really celebrated because he’s an awesome Dad.  When I grow up, I wanna be just like him!  (You know…never wash dishes, play with the kids all day and have all the kids think I’m the cat’s meow.  Really, how does this guy pull that off?!)  :o)


Check out this sneaky little card I gave him…

The word “rough” literally feels like sand paper.


The red heart is a super soft, plush material.


But check out the back…


See how I’m hinting that he can do more work around the house?  We wives have to be smart about our card choices. The moral of the story here is to subtly suggest for your hubby to do more “Honey Do’s,” and Father’s Day is no exception! :o)  I love funny cards, but I also have a sentimental, mushy card that I gave him in later in the day.

Little kids give the best gifts! That’s because they are young and don’t think that money solves all of our problems. Autumn and Alexis spent weeks thinking up what gifts to give their dad. Here’s what they ended up with…

Autumn gave her dad cash to get his car washed.  But what was so awesome about it was that she actually created a paper mache “car wash” which housed a paper car with the money attached.  It was out of this world!  Most people would just put the cash in a card.



Alexis is 3 years younger than her sister and her art work reflected that, but her hard  work was no less thoughtful.  She painstakingly painted over and decorated a supersized garbage bag box and filled it with assorted candies, tissue paper, and…cash…because…umm…you’re never too young to start taking care of dear ol’ dad?  (Just guessing.) :o)


Our older kids got him goodies too – the store brought kind involving no craft activities.  Among them were a pair of Nike’s from our Marine who made it home for the weekend.  Josiah’s only prerequisite was that his father NOT wear his new kicks with slacks – with jeans only, Dad!  Not with slacks!


I brought this button for my hubby a few years ago.  It was attached to a Father’s Day card…

20150621_161801I cracked up when I first saw it.  It gives him permission to be a lazy bum and cast off all parental responsibility for the day.  (Permission to be a bum one day of the year is crucial to good parenting.  I know this because I try to get at least one “bum pass” per month.  He is a better parent than I.) :0)  He wears it every Father’s Day.  It’s a hoot!

Our Father’s Day and Mother’s Day breakfast’s always make us a tad bit late to church.  But when we finally arrived, we walked into the best Father’s Day message ever!  I’m sharing this link so that every dad, mother and family out there can be blessed.  Really, it’s that pro-dad and it’s principles will revolutionize your home life!  To listen, CLICK HERE and then click on the “Respecting Father’s Through Prayer” message at the top of the page.

After church, “Sleeping Beauty” came home and took a much deserved Father’s Day siesta on the couch before our evening meal out.


I’m thinking that a siesta is the perfect compliment to any Father’s Day.  And back into the drawer the Go Ask Your Mother button goes – that is, until next year!

Hope you all had an amazing day celebrating that amazing husband and father in your life!



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