When You’re Lonely on Vacation (A mid-week vacation recap.)

Howdy Friends!

This week, my family and I (me, hubby, Autumn and Alexis) are vacationing at the Word of Life Family Campground.  We are also here visiting with Angel, who is completing a mandatory service assignment as a Word of Life Bible Institute student.

Ash on rock climb - single

So, I am pretty much in heaven this week: being on vacation where my daughter works; and, as an added bonus, Ashley and Jay R – my oldest daughter and her husband – traveled from Canada to join us for the first two days!

family shot at word of life

Needless to say, our first two days here were a whirlwind of adventure and filled with activity. We tried to squeeze as much as we could in before Ash and Jay-R left to return to Canada – on Monday.

Ashley and Jay-R did some rock climbing on the grounds, which was designed for little kids.

Ash rock climbing 2

Then Jay-R was motivated to slide down a snake looking tube for little children.  He actually got stuck mid way down! Ashley began to frantically scream his name and shake the tube, which then released it’s death grip on him.  It was hysterical!  The guy’s at least 6’2″ after all!   (I can’t believe I accidentally deleted that picture!)  You just had to see what a guy that big looked like popping out of that tube.

Then it was off to jet skiing.  Everyone was paired up and had a partner, or at least that was the plan.

Family Jet Skiing

But that all changed when five minutes into my ride, less than five feet away from the dock, I started to hyperventilate and panic and ask to get off – like I was almost hysterical – but not in a funny way.  I was completely overcome with fear and dread of the water.  Poor Autumn!  I was immediately rescued and taken back to shore.

Jay-R was kind enough to pick up where I left off.  He ripped Autumn around like he was a professional jet skier.  He got a stern rebuke from Ashley, whom he completely ignored and then raced away again.  (See video below.)

Autumn and Alexis were having a great time, too, playing all around the grounds.

Autumn and Lexy play

That is, until Alexis banged her head on a tire swing on Monday, then caught someone’s elbow with her left eye on Tuesday – and Tuesday was her birthday, no less!  Happy Birthday, baby!

Alexis with many boo-boos

Yes, I’m that mom who takes pics of her daughter in pain.  The one on the right was taken out of sheer disbelief that my husband actually pressed a quarter onto her forehead to push the knot back in.  Wowsa! I didn’t know people actually did that!  I definitely thought that was photo worthy.  I took the one on the left because I couldn’t believe this girl was so accident prone, and it would help me tell a good story.  Glad to know I have my priorities straight. :o)

I couldn’t wait for this week to come.  I knew it would be filled with family activities, but I was also anticipating some quiet days with R&R.  So, after three days of family activities, washing Angel’s laundry and helping her cleaning team clean every bathroom on the campground (Why do I vacation here?), and falling into bed late at night in pure exhaustion, today was THAT day: my first day of quiet bliss with no children or distractions.  (Yippee!  Maybe?)

Autumn and Alexis went to Ranch and Ranger camp for the day, Angel is busy cleaning and hubby is (most likely) sleeping/lounging/over-dosing on Netflix back at our room; and I’m here on the Camp Ground by myself, relaxing while reading my favorite bloggers and trying to put a dent in my book list.  (I intended to read at least two good books this week!)

But honestly, instead of enjoying the quiet time that’s been gifted to me, I find myself missing my little’s, and Angel (who tried to co-opt me to clean again, but I put my foot down), as well as my hubby.  I actually ate lunch alone. That was the low point of my day.  I mean, yes, I wanted to be alone.  No, I didn’t want my husband to engage me in conversation or “bug” me. I wanted to be allowed to sit for hours on end to read or do whatever it is that I long to do all year long when the kids are with me – ALL DAY, EVERY DAY (!).

Well, I got my wish, and I’ve realized that it wasn’t exactly what I wanted.  Even if I get to read and blog and surf the web and pick my nose, or whatever, I’d like my hubby to be sitting in the adjacent arm chair – quietly, with tape over his mouth – but near me, nonetheless.  And I miss those little rug-rats.

{Even after all of this miserable ranting, I’ll probably go and hide in a broom closet tomorrow to protect my quiet time.  But I’m sure I’ll feel sorry about it.}



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