Sunday’s are Wonderful!

Our church service starts at 3pm on Sundays. – –(My kids: tough on the outside, soft on the inside.) – – This is because we don’t own our own building, so we meet inside of a beautiful Presbyterian Church in Brooklyn Heights, after the Presbyterians have finished their service. ––

Church and Chicken Cutlets

Life is never quite the way you imagine it to be.  At least it’s never quite the way I imagine it. – Case in point… When I think of dinner, I think of all my family sitting around the dinner table; and of course, it’s no later than a descent and respectable hour – like7pm.  I NEVER visualize myself beginning…
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Noisy and Crowded

It’s super late on Sunday night (about 12am) and I just finished watching a show that really hit home with me. – The name of the show is Good Luck Charlie.  It’s a sitcom that plays on the Disney channel. –

Friday Night at Starbucks

Hey! It’s Friday night and I couldn’t be happier! That’s because it’s 10pm and I’m hanging out with Jonathan, my oldest son, and his friend, Carrell.  (Or at least it was Friday night when I wrote this post.) – – After I fed and bathed my little girls, I decided it was the perfect night to go and blog at Starbucks. …
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