At the Movies: Marriage in the Spotlight

Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman – Casablanca*

I’m always intrigued . . .

when I watch a film that offers unique insight into the marriage relationship.

Each of the following reviews highlights a wife’s response to her husband during difficult and trying times: some good, some bad, and some . . . well, just click on a link to find out more!

These movies are not faith based (though they are all PG 13), so proceed with caution if you decide to view them. They are featured because offer a teaching opportunity from God’s word.  No viewing required!

So grab your snugly and some popcorn, and happy reading!

(*Yeah, I know Humphrey and Ingrid weren’t married in Casablanca, but it’s the most iconic image of American cinema that I know of.)

The Theory of Everything

A wife who lost her look of love

Jane starts off her her marriage with a twinkle in her eye and a sense of commitment that is enviable by any wife’s standards, but her love eventually waxes cold under the weight of her marital circumstances.  Your eyes really tell a story.  Hopefully your eyes are telling your husband that he’s still the love of your life.

Click here to review The Theory of Everythingf


The Pursuit of HayypnessThe Pursuit of Happyness

A wife who lacks the strength to endure hard times

Meet Linda: a wife who was expecting a bed of roses from her life with her husband, not a bushel of thorns!  She didn’t believe in her husband’s vision for the family and rejected it; and eventually crumbles under the weight of living a life that she never envisioned for herself.

Click here to review The Pursuit of Happyness

The Vow

The Vow

A wife who chose the hard path of forgiveness

Hollywood movies are known to applaud wives who leave their low-down-dirty-rotten-cheating husbands, giving the scoundrels what they “deserve” because of their infidelity.  But one wife in The Vow goes against the tide of saving face and decides to stay and work through her marriage.  Her reasoning is sheer poetry!

Click here to review The Vow

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