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Fake Glasses & Good Friday Service – Perfect Together

Happy Monday, Friends!

I hope you had an amazing time worshiping our risen King on Resurrection Sunday!

Here are my two smallest in their “Sunday best” as Laura Ingalls would say (I love Little House!)

Autumn & Alexis Easter Sunday

I was dog tired Friday evening and started debating whether or not we would make Good Friday church service.

Eventually, fatigue (and laziness) got the better of me and I finally put on my PJ’s and started to read before falling off to sleep  – way too early, mind you.

All of a sudden, while drifting in and out of consciousness, I heard a little voice say, “Mommy, are we going to church? 

It was already 8pm and church service had started at 7:30pm.  Even though we were going to be pretty late I felt convicted, I mean what kind of mother talks about attending Good Friday service all week long and then backs out at the last minute?

Previously, my girls had no idea of what Good Friday was about, that is, until I hammed it up all week as a mode of teaching them about our faith: “It’s one of our “high holy” days as Christians,” I told them (among other things).

But now I was tired and had reasoned that because of the freedom we have in Christ, I needn’t feel compelled to attend.  God doesn’t keep a “you missed Good Friday service” score card – thankfully – so I was going to play my “church pass” card and catch up on the observance and celebration on Easter Sunday.   No harm, no foul?


Wrong! (Or just not right for us.)

That little, tiny voice questioning the importance of attending one of the most significant church services of the year DID ME IN!  After all, I am supposed to lead my children – not just when it’s comfortable, but when it’s uncomfortable.  What was the point in talking about it all week if I was going to back out so easily?  (Hubby could not attend due to work.)

So I immediately jumped up and declared…Girls…we’re going to church!  Put on your skirts, now!

Then I had a thought: Why was Alexis pushing to go to church?  Perhaps it had something to do with her new glasses?

Long story short – I did some digging and that was the case – pretty much.  She wanted her friends to see her new look!  (She did say she wanted to go anyway, but her glasses definitely played a part in helping her to decide.)

I won’t hold it against the little squirt!  No matter what got us there – or how late we showed up – I had a peace about going (instead of that gnawing “looser” feeling I had previously when drifting off to sleep).

The whole story behind her glasses is worth telling…

Mother’s beware!  I’ve been parenting for 27 years and you’d think I know all the tricks a youngster could pull – but this time I got the wool pulled over my eyes!

Here are the sordid details…

Alexis had been complaining of having trouble seeing for a couple of weeks so I took her to the doctor.  She tested 20/30 in both eyes.  That’s pretty darn good and certainly no cause for alarm.  When the doctor was consulting with us both after her exam, she reached over and whispered to me, “I think she’s bluffing.  I think she just wants glasses.”

I looked terribly shocked.  No way would my daughter get me all the way to the doctor’s office under false pretenses!  How did that get past me?  Certainly I would know if there was no legitimacy to her claims.

I came right out and asked, “Alexis, do you want glasses?”

“No mommy.”

“Yes you do, Alexis.  That’s what you told me the other day,” added Autumn.

It was settled!   Doc and I both knew from Autumn’s admission that Alexis was trying to pull a fast one.

“Buy her a pair of fake glasses,” whispered Doc.

“How would I do that?”

“Go to Claire’s.  A mommy did that just the other day.” 

“Ah…the Placebo Effect,” I said.  They’ll be placebo glasses.”

“OK, Alexis…I’ll get you glasses.”

Then Alexis merrily looked up at me and said, “Mommy, Jane Doe from church has glasses!”

Doc and I both looked at each other and smiled.

Call me crazy, but this kid is wearing non-prescription glasses from Claire’s (at the mall), and since getting them she hasn’t complained about her eyes at all!  (It’s been just a few days now; and no, we never told her that her glasses have medicine in them, she just assumed so.)


In my 27 years of parenting I’ve never done anything like this before.  Usually, solving a kid’s problem is complicated, time consuming and sometimes costly; but this was the easiest “fix” I’ve ever encountered.

The only part of the puzzle that hubby and I have to figure out is: How long to go on with this charade? 

So this is how placebo glasses (and childlike vanity) can get a family to church for Good Friday service.

Things that make ya go Hmmm.   😉 

Tiffiney xoxoxo

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